How to Farm Poké Diamonds in Pokémon Rumble Rush

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Pokémon Rumble Rush contains two types of currency: Coins and Poké Diamonds. If you want to advance in the game, you’ll need some of both. Here are two ways to obtain more Poké Diamonds.

As with most mobile games, Pokémon Rumble Rush contains multiple types of in-game currencies. Coins are the game’s basic currency, and they drop in every mission. Then there are the harder-to-find Poké Diamonds, which serve as Pokémon Rumble Rush’s premium currency. As of right now, there are two ways to get more Poké Diamonds:

#1: Earn Poké Diamonds by completing challenges

As you advance through Pokémon Rumble Rush, you’ll complete objectives that are tied to challenges. In the game’s main menu, you can cash in each completed challenge for three Poké Diamonds apiece. The challenges start out as simple as discovering your first stage or switching your first Pokémon, but they naturally become more difficult as the game progresses, such as discovering over 100 stages.

Pokemon Rumble Rush Challenges

Daily challenges for catching Pokémon, obtaining and refining ore give you the chance to sign in and earn a quick handful of Poké Diamonds each day. Plus, Limited-Time challenges change with each new event in the game, giving even the most dedicated players new opportunities to earn Diamonds over time once they’ve achieved all the standard challenges.

#2: Purchase Poké Diamonds in the store

To speed up the process of obtaining Poké Diamonds, you can also buy them directly from the in-game store, either in bundles or standalone. The base cost of Poké Diamonds is AUD 1.49 per 100 Diamonds, but they come in packs of 300, 1000, and 2500 for $4.49, $14.99, and AUD 38.99 respectively.

The shop of Pokémon Rumble Rush also sells four bundles that contain Diamonds as well. The first is the Starter Set, a one-time purchase that grants 400 Poké Diamonds, a Refining Ore slot for 24 hours and a Pikachu Spark Summon Gear for AUD 5.99.

The second bundle is the Plenty of Pokémon Set, which will give you 400 Poké Diamonds and the ability to get up to two additional Pokémon when clearing a stage for three days. Like the Starter Set, it costs AUD 5.99.

The Really Refining Set gives 600 Poké Diamonds and a Refining Ore slot for three days for AUD 9.99. Finally, the Poké Diamond Deal Set instantly gives 800 Poké Diamonds, plus 80 Poké Diamonds per day for 30 days. It costs AUD 12.99.

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