Total War: Three Kingdoms - How To Check A Settlement's Faction Support Level

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Capturing territory in Total War: Three Kingdoms is vital for growing your Empire. New settlements, towns and cities can get you access to new resources, or buildings that you haven't had time to develop yourself. 

It is not as simple as just marching in and taking over, however. The populace will be used to their old rulers, and it will take some time for them to adjust to life under a new banner, and develop loyalty towards your faction.

How To Check Faction Support

Faction Support

To check faction support levels for any settlement, just click on the settlement on the main screen, then scroll over the small flag icon directly across from where the population count is shown.

You will see a pop up that details your current level of faction support, how many turns it will take to reach max faction support and the overall impact of your current level.

Low faction support will impact on public order, increasing the chance for rebellion. It will also affect how much income you can make from that settlement, and even the number of military supplies you can get from the area. 

If a settlement does not have a flag showing, that means the settlement is at full faction support and is suffering no negative effects.

It is a very good idea to let a settlement reach full faction support before extending your reach to another settlement in the same Commandary. If a Commandary suffers too much of a negative impact on public order, you can find yourself trying to deal with a rebellion. A straightforward way to increase the level of faction support is to just leave an army in the settlement for a couple of turns, then move on when the faction support has reached max level.

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