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Google ID

To sign up for the Minecraft Earth Beta, you need to know your Google ID. These used to be a part of Google+, but that service is no longer available. I was a little confused about what the signup form wanted, but I seem to have figured it out.

How To Get Your Google ID

Your Google ID appears to be your Gmail address. I know, it seems like a straightforward answer, but here we are. I did a lot of searching on the internet to find an answer to this, but most of the information I found was very old. Some of the advice given by people just didn't work. Eventually, I did the obvious thing and used my Gmail address, and the information all went through, and my registration was confirmed. 

At first, I tried Google+, but the service is pretty much dead, and any of the methods people were talking about online just didn't work. After that, I went to the Google Play store, and checked in "My Play Activity," because apparently, the number at the end of the URL on that page would work. That didn't do anything either; the form just refused to go through.

Finally, I tried my Gmail address, and it worked just fine! Registration confirmed. If I go back into the signup page, all my data is still there, and everything seems to be working fine. So, for now, I am pretty confident that I am correct! If you don't actually have a Gmail address, just set one up and use it to sign up, and everything should be fine.

I'll be continuing to look into this issue though, as there is a lack of information out there about what exactly a Google ID is now, and I will update this article with anything else that I learn.

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