All The Wisps (Items & Weapons) And What They Do In Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing

Team Sonic Racing, like many arcade kart racers, has plenty of weapons and items at your disposal. Named in this as ‘Wisps,’ collecting them is as simple as riding over in your car and waiting for the slot to assign you your Wisp. Some are better to use offensively, or others work better when using them defensively, but all of them are available to share to teammates if they are in need of help to bring them back into the competition.

Bear in mind that not all of the Wisps will be available for every class to pick up, but once they have been collected, they can be shared with teammates, and have the chance to be upgraded to offer more, such as being given three rockets instead of one. 

Here is our list of all the Wisps that are available in the game:


One eye, pink and with fives spikes on its head, the Spikes Wisp will turn your car into a death machine, allowing you to take out anyone you ram into. These wisps are exclusive to the Power-class, meaning you must be racing as a Power character to pick this Wisp up.


Two eyes, ivory in colour and with a lighting bolt hairdo, the Lightning Wisp allows you to strike lightning out towards your opponent, stopping them in their tracks and spinning them out.


Two-eyed, orange and in the shape of a rocket, this Wisp does exactly what you might expect: sends a rocket forward (or back), bouncing off a few walls in the process.


In red and looking like a three-eyed Sonic, the Crimson Eagle Wisp chases your opponent down before striking them.


This one-eyed white Wisp offers a burst of speed when used. Great for sharing with teammates in a tight spot, or for a burst after being spun out or knocked off the track.


This squid looking Wisp is one-eyed and with yellow and orange stripes, and offers an automated boost while also giving you temporary invincibility.


Team Sonic Racing’s equivalent of the Blue Shell, this three-eyed metal Wisp sends stone pillars to the front and blocks the path of your opponents. Thankfully, it’s not quite as rage inducing as the Blue Shell.


This two-eyed, cyan coloured Wisp will zap opponents nearby, causing them to spin out. This one doesn’t require as much aim as the lightning Wisp.


Three-eyed, red to orange and mean looking, Burst will leave a burning trail behind you, meaning any opponents that are riding your coattails with spin out if they go over your line. This Wisp is exclusive to the Speed-class racers.


This scary looking purple Wisp has no eyes and looks like a portal. It acts like one too as all rings and item boxes are sucked into it as you go past, while also slowing down other racers. This is another wisp exclusive to the Power-class racers.


The Bob-omb of the game, this Black Wisp can be left behind you or thrown in front to take out unsuspecting opponents.


This time the banana skin, the blue three-eyed Wisp Cube can be thrown on the floor in front or behind, and any enemy racing over it will spin out, though they are fairly obvious to spot.


Looking like a jade-coloured ghost (as you might expect) with no eyes, Ghost will make you invisible to attacks and obstacles for a short time while also stealing the Wisps of others!


A magenta musical note completes the lineup; Rhythm will spoil just that of any opponent affected by it by temporarily making them blind.

We hope that this will allow you to use your items on the track effectively and pick up those wins. Happy Racing!

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