How to Drive the Annihilator Convoy Vehicle in Rage 2

Annihilator vehicle in garage with open door

Rage 2 is full of cool vehicles, from the upgradeable Phoenix to the flying Icarus. You can even grab vehicles like monster trucks and tanks out in the wasteland and bring them back to base to save them for later. But the most intimidating vehicle of all may be the Annihilator. 

Normally when you see this vehicle, you’re in for a bad time. The Annihilator is the huge tanker truck that usually travels with convoys. It’s a well-equipped, heavily armored vehicle that looks ripped straight out of Mad Max: Fury Road, and it can swat you off the road in an instant if you get in its way. You may also notice that it’s not listed in Rage 2’s Vehicles menu tab, which seems to indicate that you can’t get behind the wheel of one yourself. However, if you know where to look, there is one place where you can find one of these behemoths of your own.

First, you’ll have to make it to the Dune Sea region. This is a late-game area, so if you’re playing through the campaign, it may be a while before you can get here. You can actually make your way here early in the game if you just ignore your mission objectives. The Dune Sea is the farthest southwest area in the game, and you can reach it by road starting from the Broken Tract region.

Map showing location of Shrouded Workshop

Once you’re in Dune Sea, aim for just a little north of the region’s center, and you’ll find the town of Oasis. From here, take either of the roads north or south of town and follow it northwest. Either one will lead you within sight of the Shrouded Workshop, a Bandit Den built into the side of a hill. There are a few Immortal Shrouded outside, and if you’re coming here early, they could give you a bit of trouble. Just watch out for their drones and invisibility cloaks, and you should be fine. 

Once you’ve taken them out, flip the pink switch to the right of the massive door and get ready for another fight. Another horde of Immortal Shrouded will come pouring out, but once you take them down, you’ll have access to the Annihilator. You literally can’t miss it; it’s the giant truck that takes up nearly the entire workshop. You may have to maneuver to find a spot that lets you enter, though. If you climb one of the ladders on either side of the Annihilator, you can hop right on top and get in that way. Before you drive away, make sure to search the garage and the shipping containers outside to grab some collectible Ark chests and storage containers.

Annihilator crashing into car

Now that you have the Annihilator, you’re free to drive it around and cause chaos on the roads. It’s unfortunately not nearly as powerful as the ones you find in convoys, but it still does a good job of --- well, annihilating anything that gets in its way on the road. One more drawback: you can’t store it in your garage, so get your kicks with it while you can, because you won’t be able to summon it to you back once you leave it behind. If you want to take it for another spin, you’ll just have to trek back to the Shrouded Workshop.

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