The Fastest Cars in GTA 5 Online

Fastest Cars In GTA Online

Your criminal empire is booming. You've run the drugs, smuggled the guns, opened the night club, and you now have a fat stack of green burning a hole in your pocket but what can you spend it on? Clothes? Apartments? Lap Dances at the Strip-Club? All these things are well and good, but sometimes a guy or girl needs to splash the cash on something that goes like the proverbial off a shovel but where to start?

There are hundreds of cars in GTA Online and not all of them are worthy of your time, an especially not that fake mini that handles like a drunken shopping trolley, so how do you know what to by to fill your many garages? Simple, follow this list, and you'll be screaming down the freeway like a banshee in some of the sweetest rides in town.

The Fastest Cars In GTA Online

Brioso R/A

Compacts: Brioso R/A

Technically the fastest compact doing the rounds at the moment is the Issi in the Arena mode, and even though you can use it out on the mean streets of Los Santos, for this list the cars that will be covered are the ones you can drive and not look like a reject from Mad Max. So the award for the quickest compact goes to the Brioso R/A which costs $155,000 and can, according to the game, reach a top speed of 110.7 mph. Which means as a front wheel drive, you might want to corner a little more carefully.


Coupes: Oracle, Oracle XS, Windsor, Windsor Drop

The first of undoubtedly many top speed ties on this list, the coupe division of GTA Online offers you the chance to go balls to the wall with not one, not two, not three, but four cars that all top out at the same max speed of 123 mph. The only real difference between these cars is the price. You can pick up the Oracle and the Oracle XS for $80,000 and $82,000 respectively whereas the Windsor, and the Windsor Drop will take $845,000 and $900,000 of your monies. But if you've got it, why not flaunt it? 

Hakuchou Drag

Motorcycles: Hakuchou Drag

Alright, alright, calm down at the back. Put away your flaming torches and sharpened pitch folks. Yes, the Hakuchou Drag isn't a car, but if you want a white knuckle experience then slapping this bad boy between your legs before pulling back and the throttle and crashing into the first wall you find then this is the bike for you. Its top speed is 130.38 mph, but it isn't cheap to travel at the speed of light so make sure you have $976,000 to hand or it's back to the moped for you.

Coquette BlackFin

Muscle Cars: Coquette BlackFin

Four other cars in the Muscle range are quicker than the Coquette BlackFin, but as already stated they're from Arena Wars and the Cunning Stunts updates, so they're not being counted. If you want a top end muscle car, then your best bet is the Coquette BlackFin which edges out the Clique by .82 mph, clocking in as it does at 123.82 mph. It'll also set you back $695,000, but that's $234,000 less than it's a slightly slower compatriot. Meaning it's quicker, and it costs less. No brainer really.

Dubsta 6x6

Off-Road: Dubsta 6x6

You don't have to have a hipster goatee and a pork pie hat to look at this 6x6 and realize that it's a little something special. After all, it's a six-wheeled powerhouse of an off-road vehicle and looks as mean as a rabid badger you've just spent 10 minutes poking with a stick, especially in black. If you can find a long enough and wide enough stretch of road, you can get up to 112.34 mph but be careful not to scratch that paint as it's not cheap at $249,000.

Schafter V12

Sedans: Schafter V12 Armored 

Are you're a high-level executive, running your business from high on top Maze Bank and with a slight penchant for breaking the law and annoying the hell out of your rival? You're going to need something that won't only protect your soft squishy form from incoming bullets, but that can also get you the hell out of Dodge when the guns start blazing. Enter the Schafter V12 Armored. For a measly $325,000 you can sit in comfort knowing that you can pretty much forget about being too murdered today as you speed away from the scene at a smooth 123 mph. 

Seven 70

Sports: Seven-70

The Dewbauchee Seven-70 is based on the Aston Martin, and it has the gorgeous looks to go along with its ridiculous price tag and mouth-watering top speed. You want beauty then you've got to pay for it, and this sports car will set you back $695,000, but for that price, you get a motor with the looks of Scarlett Johansson and a top speed of 130.38 mph. This means that the Seven-70 is the sexiest thing alive and goes like a rat up a drain pipe.


Sports Classic: Swinger

With a name that will give you flashbacks to that time you accidentally came home from university a couple of days early to find your parents throwing one of their special parties, the Ocelot Swinger is to classic cars what Babe Ruth was to the Yankees. No, not overweight and over-priced but over-priced and fast as hell. Costing a breathtaking $909,000 you'll be glad that this classic tops out at 131.2 mph. Your creditors will never catch you now.

Deveste Eight

Supercars: Deveste Eight, Entity XXR, and Taipan 

Yes, yes, the Deveste Eight is part of the Arena Wars update and nothing from that was going to be allowed on this list but come on, look at it. That's so beautiful it'd make God cry. But if hypocrisy isn't your bag, then you can always settle for either the Entity XXR or the Taipan. Or both. All three cars will reach 139.4 mph and will cost you $1,795,000/$2,305,000/$1,980,000 respectively. So you better get saving, or you can always cheat and buy a Shark Card or seven. 


SUV: Toros

As the old saying goes, in for a penny in for a pound and if the Deveste Eight is going to be on here then the Toros has to be as well. An SUV that can reach 121.7 mph while costing a tasty $498,000 isn't the sort of vehicle that should be sniffed at but this is no average soccer moms car as there's a genuine possibility that the first time you try to take a bend a little bit too quickly you're going to end up in the ocean. Probably being eaten by sharks.

Gang Burrito

Vans: Gang Burrito

If you've ever wanted to live out your deepest, darkest A-Team fantasies, then GTA Online can help you out with the Gang Burrito. Paint it black and slap a red stripe down the side and you can be out in Los Santos making tanks out of toothpicks and toilet roll holders faster than you can say Howling Mad Murdock. It will let you reach the dizzying heights of 114.8 mph while costing a pittance at $65,000. Don't you love it when a plan comes together?

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