Best Courses from Super Mario Maker 2 this week (July 5th)

Super Mario Maker 2

We are a week into Super Mario Maker 2’s release, and already we see some creative, devilishly hard and incredibly cool courses. The community didn’t take long to create some unique courses, and each week, we intend to highlight that week’s course maker creations that should be your first download of the week.

Best Courses from Super Mario Maker 2

Here are this week’s (June 28 to July 5) best courses to try, with a screenshot above each to give you an idea of what to expect.

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Celestial Sprint Speedrun - 7N1-MVB-WKF

The first of today’s Speedrun courses, this one is relatively easy but French maker Dynasteel has created a very involved and fresh little course that never feels unfair or cheap and even provides a good hint in the description to “trust the fake traps” because it helps to make the course hectic. While the precise rate is under 10%, it doesn’t come across as tough but will offer a good challenge in the Super Mario Bros. themed run. Good stuff!

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Cloudtop Climp - 1CB-2GG-G3G

US maker KarateJoe’s Cloudtop Climb is a traditional course that makes excellent use of timing and climbing mechanics. Again, it doesn’t feel unfair at all, and the course requires the player to consider their moves carefully and with skill. It’s not the toughest course but shows that patience is sometimes a virtue, and in this case, it’s a fun little course that uses the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme nicely. 

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A returning course recreated from the original Super Mario Maker that was very popular, Self-Destruct Activated is another auto-runner that is hectic, fast and a whole lot of fun. Obstacles are everywhere, and jumps require timing and subtlety in areas, while maximum length in others. Including just about every enemy in the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme is out to get you as you try to escape the course before it all comes tumbling down behind you. Again, not the most difficult but a fantastic sense of adventure, like Indian Jones escaping the Temple of Doom. Nicely done, Dutch maker Reus.

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Suntouch Sanctuary - 78K-JP3-CYG

If we hadn’t known better, this course could easily have passed for a Nintendo created Course. It’s that well crafted. Aussie maker Matilda has done a fantastic job with this course in making it not only multilayered and requiring thought, skill, and timing, but also a very cool way of progressing to the completely unexpected end flag. The ability to surprise is always welcome, and her Super Mario Bros. themed course has done that very well with Suntouch Sanctuary.

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Switching Speed - HD5-D84-FTG

A reasonably tricky course that involves timing on a lot of Switching On/Off blocks, but again is not unfair nor too difficult for the average user with some time and patience. Using Super Mario World’s theme, you have to make your way through Bowser's castle timing jumps to get to the end. When you think you’ve got it though, Canadian Make Jake throws another punch at you. It’s an excellent course making and highly enjoyable.

The 1%er 

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20 Second On/Off Speedrun - FY2-D71-SSF

Currently hovering at 0.99% completion rate, this course, made my American maker joeyhicks1, throws more than just jumping at On/Off blocks into the mix. Timing shell throwing (as the screenshot above shows), subtle movements and spin jumping are also all required to pass this devilishly tough course based on Super Mario World. If you want a challenge, this is the place to be. 

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