Pokemon Go Candela's Global Challenge Reward Guide - Triple XP, Lucky Eggs

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After completing the most recent global research challenge, the Pokemon GO community can now enjoy the rewards from it. The rewards run from July 9 at 3 PM Central to July 16.  The awards include triple catch XP, triple raid XP, and an increased duration for Lucky Eggs!

Candela's Global Challenge Rewards

Here are the full rewards:

  • Triple Catch XP
  • 1-hour Lucky Eggs
  • Triple Hatch XP
  • Double Raid XP

There will also be an Entei Raid Challenge Event on July 14, including the chance to catch its Shiny form. So make sure you have some free time that day to take part in the event.

The challenge itself took place at Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund, and the community finished the challenges. The event attendees had to complete 1 million research tasks. All around the world members of Team Instinct, Team Valor, and Team Mystic had to achieve 15 million research tasks each. Thankfully, the community was successful in their efforts and managed to unlock the rewards.

The next group of challenges will take place from August 5 until Aug 12, and will tie into Pokemon Go Fest Tokyo. The challenges and rewards will be as follows;

  • Go Fest attendees: Complete 2 million research tasks for tripled catch Stardust
  • Team Instinct—Complete 25 million research tasks globally for guaranteed 3,000 Stardust per raid
  • Team Valor—Complete 25 million research tasks globally for tripled hatch Stardust
  • Team Mystic—Complete 25 million research tasks globally for 1-hour Star Pieces

The rewards from Pokemon Go Fest Tokyo will run from August 13 until August 20. 

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