How To Unlock Costumes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Alternate Costumes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

There are a handful of hidden items and characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. For those who are looking to acquire the four hidden characters, we made a guide you need to go through to learn how to get those. Additionally, there are alternative costumes you can put on your favorite heroes to change their appearance. Here's how you go about unlocking those costumes.

Unlocking Alternate Costumes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

What Do You Need to Do?

How players go about unlocking additional costumes for their favorite heroes is by finishing the Infinity Trials. These tough trials are bonus missions where the player takes in their favorite heroes to complete a specific task. The Infinity Trials are broken up into four different sections, with the last two fully opening up after you complete the game's story mode. 

You'll know which alternative costume you're going to get based on the character icon in the grid. Are you looking for a particular one? Find the image with your favorite hero, complete that trial, and you should unlock their new outfit.

Where Do You Equip the New Costume?

Now that you've completed the trial for your favorite hero, how do you equip their new costume on so you can run around in it? Return to the game's main menu and locate the "team menu." You can also access this area from the Shield menu, right before you start a mission. When you're in the Shield menu, find the hero with the costume and click on them, and you should see it in a new list.

That's all of the information players need to know regarding the costumes in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Want to learn about the full roster, check out our article listing them all. We also have a review of the game up, for those who are still thinking about picking it up.

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