Marvel Ultimate Alliance - ISO-8 Guide

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you want to make your team as strong as possible. You can level up heroes, upgrade ability, and use the lab to increase your stats. You can also use ISO-8 to bestow powerful buffs to your team members. Much like gems and crystals in other action-RPG games, ISO-8 can be equipped on a hero to give them a power boost.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance - ISO-8 Guide


As you play through Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, you will come to the end of the third chapter and fight Wilson Fisk. When he is defeated, he will drop a new item for you, that will open up a whole new system you can use to make your heroes more powerful. Upon returning to Avengers Tower, and dealing with little security issues, Vision will unveil a new system to help you use the new ISO-8 crystals. 

ISO-8 Crystal Types

The new ISO-8 crystals come in various forms that will denote the type, and strength, of the buff they can give you. Each hero can eventually use up to four of the crystals. The color indicates the type of buff they will provide you with, but the rarity doesn't appear to have any indicator, you will need to check the description of the crystal.

  • White - Bonus credits and survivability
  • Orange - Bonuses to mastery and stagger
  • Blue - Bonuses to energy
  • Purple - Bonuses to strength and attack
  • Green - Bonuses to durability
  • Yellow - Bonuses to resilience
  • Red - Bonus to vitality

Upgrading ISO-8 Crystals

When you finish the fifth chapter in the Xavier Institute, you will be able to upgrade and change your ISO-8 crystals. Unwanted crystals can be broken down into Fragments, and those Fragments can then be used to upgrade the crystals that you want to stay using. Don't just break them all down; however, as you want to upgrade an ISO-8 crystal more and more, you will need other resources, including other crystals. 

Upgrading them is similar to how you upgrade abilities, just put as many ticks in the level bar as you want, to a maximum of five — the more powerful the crystal, the more small crystals you will need to upgrade it. You can also upgrade the rarity of crystals that have reached +5, but this will take a lot of resources, including duplicate crystals with the same rarity.

You can get crystals just from playing the game, but be sure to search levels for hidden chests, as these can contain a lot of resources that will help you upgrade your heroes, abilities, and ISO-8 crystals. 

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