Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How to Beat Dormammu

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 you won't be trying to bargain with Dormammu, you will just be trying to kick his butt. It is a pretty tough fight, so don't feel bad if you have been running into a brick wall trying to get past him. Dormammu is no joke, and it takes a bit of preparation and knowing the mechanics of the fight.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: How to Beat Dormammu

The first thing to consider is team selection, and the game has given you some clues in the run-up to this fight. Crowd control and area of effect damage are the names of the game here, and you will have just unlocked Ghost Rider, Dr. Strange, and Elsa Bloodstone. Any of these are good options and will be at an appropriate level as well. You will want a solid Tank, like the Hulk. I might be a little biased here, but so far Hulk has just stood out as the best Tank in the game. Not only can absorb a lot of damage, but he can do a lot of damage as well, and his specials do a lot of area of effect damage. After that, pick the melee and ranged fighters that you have at the highest rank, or consider someone like Scarlet Witch who has good area damage and heals. 

Finally, don't forget to spend all your Enhancement Points in the Lab, and make sure to equip your best ISO-8 before you head in to fight Dormammu.

Dormammu Boss Fight

Dormammu does some hard-hitting area of effect magic attacks, so prioritize dodging them. Don't over commit to attacks because it is unlikely you will get decent trades on your first playthrough. Just dodge that first wave of attacks, then prepare to deal with the strange rock creatures he will summon.

This is where it all gets a bit awkward. You need to use the same ISO-8 stones that you needed to break down his magical barrier earlier in the stage. You will notice a strange structure in the middle of the arena, break this to get some stones. The stones will absorb energy from some attacks but will break if you get hit with melee attacks. As such, you want to make sure you are dodging those rock creature's melee attacks. You want to try and absorb the rock creature's laser attacks and Dormammu's fireball attacks.

When the stone is charged, throw it at Dormammu to do plenty of damage to his stagger bar. Do this until the bar breaks, then go to town on him with your team. This process will go on for a while, but eventually, Dormammu will summon another barrier, and start charging up for a huge attack.

You need to break the barrier before he gets the attack fully charged, or else you can say goodbye to a considerable portion of your team's health. The same process applies, grab some stones, charge them up, then break the barrier with them. After that, rinse and repeat until Dormammu lies defeated.

The best tip I can give you is that it is perfectly fine to jump into multiplayer for this fight. It's a little bit weighted to provide a challenge for groups of players, so trying to charge up all the stones you need by yourself might be your undoing if you are struggling with it. 

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