What Is the Razorback Cipher in Warframe?


The Razorback Cipher in Warframe is a unique piece of Gear you will get during your first Razorback Armada Invasion. The Lotus will send you the Blueprint, and you will need to build it to get access to the Razorback boss fight. The Razorback Armada is slowly making its way towards one of the game's Relays, and if you don't destroy enough of the Razorback units before it gets there, the Relay will be destroyed. 

How To Build The Razorback Cipher

Cryptographic ALU

You can build the Razorback Cipher in your Foundry, but you will need the following resources to do it:

  • 1250 Credits
  • 1500 Polymer Bundle
  • 3 Galium
  • 4 Cryptographic ALU

Cryptographic ALU is a rare resource that is only available in the game during this event. You can get it from Corpus units during Archwing missions on Jupiter and Neptune. To get the Cryptographic ALU, just play through the Archwing missions, and make sure you pick up all the resources that dead enemies drop. I like to use Itzl Archwing, as its third ability Cosmic Crush is basically an Archwing version of Vacuum. 

I would also suggest the Mobile Defense Mission at Salacia, on Neptune, as the mission you grind. I generally get about eight Cryptographic ALU from each run on this level. 

What To Do With the Razorback Cipher

Once you have built the Cipher in your Foundry, you must equip it to your Gear Wheel. Also, keep in mind that you need to kill a total of three Razorbacks to get the event rewards, so be sure you farm enough resources to build three Ciphers. Now you can load into the Razorback Assassination mission through the Star Map. Just make your way through the level, and you will eventually come to a door that needs a Cipher to open. You can only load into the mission if you have a Cipher, and the Cipher will automatically be taken from your inventory, no matter who opens the door.

Step inside the room and prepare to fight the Razorback. To give a quick rundown on what to do, you need to hack the barriers at the top of the room. The Razorback is mostly immune to your damage, so you need the Bursas up top to drop down into the room. When they do, damage them until you can hack them. Once they are hacked, they will turn on the Razorback, allowing you to damage it yourself eventually. We do have a full guide on how to fight the Razorback if you need it. 

And that's it, everything you need to know about the Razorback Cipher. Best of you luck on your mission, Tenno!

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