Pokémon Masters Sync Moves and Unity Moves Explained

Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters involves real-time 3v3 battles between groups of Trainers and their signature Pokemon. You need to collect the best Trainers you can find and combine them to form teams of three. Then you can enter the Pokemon Master League, held on the island of Pasio, and see if you have what it takes to become the League champion. The Trainers and their Pokemon are known as a Sync Pair. Each Pokemon and Trainer will have moves that they can do during battles, but they will also have access to special Sync Moves.

What Are Sync Moves?

Sync moves are special moves that a Trainer and their signature Pokemon can do. You can pick this move during a battle to unleash a devastating attack on your foes, doing considerable damage to them. Each Sync Pair has their own Sync Move, and it is even possible to level up their Sync Move to do even more damage. If you summon the same Sync Pair twice, then the pair will become more powerful. This can be done by having the Sync Pair join you through the story, then getting them again as a reward from a Scout Mission.

What Are Unity Moves

Unity Moves can only be used during co-op battles. They are special moves that involve all three members of your team. If all three players gauges are fully charged, then they can opt to do a Unity Move. These do even more damage than Sync Moves, and can completely turn the tide of a battle. Unity moves will involve all three of the Pokemon in the team, and what exactly they do appears to be impacted by the types of Pokemon you have.

This is everything we know about Sync Moves and Unity Moves in Pokemon Masters right now, but we will be updating this guide as we learn more. 

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