Fire Emblem: Three Houses - When Is The Timeskip?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is all about making your students into the best fighters, and people, they can be. You need to explore the school, talk to NPCs, interact with your students, teach and train them, and join them in battles. There is a long story that plays out, with differences across all three of the Houses. One of the significant narrative mechanics in the game is the timeskip, and knowing when it happens is a good thing because it means you can get as much content covered as possible before it hits.

When Is The Timeskip?

The timeskip happens on 3/31, or the 31st day of the 3rd month. You will notice as you play through the game that some of your quests inform you need to complete them before this date, but they explicitly say why. You only have time to take part in the game's quests, activities, and social gatherings, so deciding what to do with your time is essential. You want to prioritize the significant pursuits or the ones for the characters you like the most to improve your relationship with them as much as possible. 

What Is The Timeskip?

The timeskip is a gap of five years between the first and second parts of the story. During this time, your students age five years, and there will be lots of real-world events to contend within the story. Following the skip, you will also be able to pursue Romance options. This part of the game is not available in the first half, because some of the possibilities are your students, and that would be weird. Because so much time has passed, your students have updated artwork, so be sure to check out everyone to see how time has treated them.

That's everything you need to know about the timeskip. Remember to do any quests you think are essential before it happens! I don't think people will be too impressed if you show up after five years trying to do those same early game quests.

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