Fire Emblem: Three Houses - How To Level Up Low Level Units Without Risking Death

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses tasks you with being a Professor for one of the three Houses in the school. You need to teach your students, help them gain more skills, become better fighters, and lead them in battles. Your units can level up, but a battle is also a dangerous place. If you are playing on Classic, and a unit dies, then it is gone for good. As such, it helps to know how to level up your units without the risk of dying, because it is entirely possible to lose essential characters in battle.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - How To Level Units Without Risking Death

Death. Nobody likes it. Fire Emblem: Three Houses keeps the series tradition of allowing you to play on Classic mode. On this mode, if you lose a character, they are gone for good. Knowing how to level up your units safely is excellent because you can help them become stronger from battles, without running the risk of losing them.

In the early game, the easiest way to do this for ranged units is to make sure you are taking potshots at all the enemies on the battlefield with of them as you can. This strategy works great for casters and archers, but melee units have a tougher time. For those units, you should double up on an enemy, with both friendly groups landing blows to gain experience. You want to try to have the one who needs the most experience to land the killing blow. Doing so means combat is over quickly with each engagement, so your units should take less individual damage. Remember, you still want to play smart, as battling is always the risk of Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Later in the game, you unlock a skill called "Adjutant." This ability allows you to have one unit shadow another unit in battle. As the main unit earns experience, so does the adjutant unit. This ability makes it so when you acquire new units or start focusing on units you ignored until that point, shadow stronger ones that have little risk of dying. They can quickly level up in safety using this ability. It is a great way to play catch up for any units you need to level up safely.

That's the only way to truly level up your units without the risk of dying, so make sure you take advantage of the ability as soon as you have access to it. 

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