How To Evolve a Kirlia into Gallade in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Evolve Kirlia into Gallade

The Pokemon Go Community Day happened yesterday, and it focused entirely on the Pokemon known as Raltz. Trainers were likely running into a number of them far more than usual for a brief time. Those who are eager to make them stronger are taking their new companion through to its stronger evolved states. One of these evolutions is known as Gallade, and getting a Raltz to this evolution is a bit harder than the straightforward process. We're going to break down what you need to do to get your Raltz to its third form Gallade.

Evolving Raltz to Gallade in Pokemon Go

A Particular Raltz

Before you decide you want your Raltz to become a Gallade, you need to make sure you start with a male Raltz. All Gallade are male, so to make sure you're doing it correctly you need to double-check your Raltz is not a female. You may want to run around for a bit to see if you can't compare the strengths of multiple male Raltz to find an ideal choice.

Once you've decided on the male Raltz you'd like to use; you can proceed forward to the next steps.

Getting to Kirlia and a Sinnoh Stone

Gallade is the third evolution of Raltz, so you need to evolve your male Raltz to its second form, Kirlia. You'll do this as you would any other evolution, and give your Raltz enough candy to evolve. You should now have a male Kirlia. When you have this evolution, there are two branching points for your Kirlia to go down. However, to evolve Kirlia into the Gallade, you're going to need a Sinnoh Stone.

The Sinnoh Stone is going to indicate to the game you want Kirlia to become a Gallade, rather than its more traditional form of Gardevoir. To acquire a Sinnoh Stone, you can grab these by completing specific field research rewards, partaking in trainer battles, or by taking on team leader battles, too. When you have your Sinnoh Stone, make sure to use it on your Kirlia when the time comes for you to evolve it.

That's the break down of how to get your Kirlia into a Gallade. For those who are looking to get the shiny version of Gallade, you may want to come into the Pokemon Go Community Day with multiple Sinnoh Stones, to ensure when you grab that shiny Raltz you can have it turn into your prized shiny Gallade as soon as you capture it.

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