Should You Go Gallade or Gardevoir in Pokemon Go?

Gallade or Gardevoir in Pokemon Go

The Raltz Community Day wrapped up in Pokemon Go yesterday. Plenty of trainers would have many new Raltz candies in their inventory if they participated in the event. Some trainers may have even have discovered a shiny Raltz during their adventures. For those who want to have their Raltz become the best, they want to know which final evolution to go with, Gallade or Gardevoir. We're going to break down which could be better, and help trainers make a final decision on what Pokemon they should choose.

Gardevoir or Gallade in Pokemon Go

Before You Choose

Before you make your decision on which final evolution you'd like to choose for your Raltz, there's something you need to know. To have your ideal Raltz become a Gallade, you need to check your Raltz's gender, because only male Raltz can turn into a Gallade. If you have female Raltz, it cannot become a Gallade. This may put a thorn in your plans, but it helps that you know this from the start. Additionally, you're going to a Sinnoh Stone to turn it into a Gallade. If you don't have one of those, make sure you go down one of the daily activities to find one.

Here's a quick guide for trainers who want a step-by-step process to acquire a Gallade.


Gallade is a Pokemon that's going to have a unique series of defenses for it. It's a psychic and fighting-type Pokemon, meaning the traditional weakness of psychic to fighting is not going to affect Gallade as much. It's useful given how easily psychic attacks can shut down a fighting-type Pokemon in most fights.

Of the two, Gallade and Gardevoir's stats are relatively the same. The significant difference is that Gallade is going to have a higher overall attack stat, whereas Gardevoir has increased special attack. Because of this difference, with Gallade you're going to want to lean more towards its fighting-type abilities, rather than the traditional psychic ones. While it can still use these abilities effectively, you're not going to get the best results from them.

For trainers looking to add Gallade to your roster, you'll want to have some decent Pokemon who can already do decent special attack damage. This way, Gallade can clean up some of your fights with their faster, fighting-type attacks and blow the competition away. 

There are two abilities Gallade can learn, Steadfast and its hidden one, Justified. With Steadfast, you have to get somewhat lucky with Gallade getting flinched to benefit from the increased attack speed. This is more timing-based, so you may not want to rely on it as a reason to get the Pokemon. The other ability, Justified, is the same way, but slightly broader. Whenever your Gallade gets hit by a Dark-type move, its attack goes up. So if you are facing a Pokemon that is consistently using Bite, or another dark-based flinching move, you'll want to tag your Gallade in the fight. Doing so increases its speed and attack at the same time.


Gardevoir is a psychic and fairy-type Pokemon. Unlike Gallade, it does not have as high of a vital attack stat, but it does have a considerable amount of special attack power. Because of this, you're likely going to want to add Gardevoir to your roster if you're lacking another Pokemon who can dish out a decent amount of damage using their special abilities.

Because the stats are mostly the same between the two Pokemon, save for their attack and special attack, it all boils down to team choice.

Both Gardevoir and Gallade are solid choices for any team. Another notable trait to keep in mind are Gardevoir's abilities it can have, which are Trace, Synchronize, and Telepath. With Trace, your Gardevoir is going to copy one of your opponent Pokemon's ability. Synchronize is going to pass any status effects it acquires in a battle to your opponent's Pokemon. The final, hidden ability, Telepath, allows Gardevoir to anticipate an opponent's attack and dodges it.

Gardevoir does have more overall passive abilities available to it, making it a quicker, agile fighter. However, Gallade's more aggressive and useful abilities build on its power and speed. These stats make it a terrifying choice if trainers can anticipate a Dark-type opponent to face off against it.

Which One?

As many are going to guess, it all comes down to preferences. If you need a straight, heavy hitter who can dish out regular attacks against other glass-cannon Pokemon, Gallade is going to be your first option. For those who need someone who can decimate a foe who doesn't have too much special defense against abilities, Gardevior is your go-to choice.

Both Pokemon have roughly the same stats available to them, and they're going to serve well on your roster. As long as you account for their significant differences, you should have another reliable member of your team to bring out and take with you. While none of them are likely going to become your end-all-be-all Pokemon, they're solid choices, especially if you found a strong Raltz during the Raltz Pokemon Go Community Day.

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