What Is Emissary Standing In Warframe?


Emissary Standing in Warframe is a type of Standing that you earn for Nightwave Series 2. Nightwave Series 2 centers around the story of Arlo, the Emissary, a strange person who has been trying to embrace the "gifts" of the Infested. Arlo's teaching are starting to spread, just like the Infestation that seems to consume his thoughts.

How To Earn Emissary Standing

Emissary Standing

You earn most of your Emissary Standing by doing Nightwave challenges. These are daily and weekly challenges that will give you certain tasks and reward you with a certain amount of Standing when you complete them. There are 5 Weekly and 2 Elite Weekly challenges, and you have three days to complete each of the Daily challenges. You earn the following rewards for each type of challenge

  • Daily - 1000 Standing
  • Weekly - 4500 Standing
  • Elite Weekly - 7000 Standing

Unlike other types of Standing, there is no cap on how much Emissary Standing you can earn in one day, but there is a limit to how many missions you will be able to do each week. 

You can also earn standing in the game by killing the Zealot Herald. Zealot Heralds are followers of Arlo who have exposed themselves to the Infestation. They will spawn with a Zealot Proselytizer. Killing both of them will net you 50 Standing. Both Zealots can spawn randomly in your missions, even missions that have nothing to do with the Infested. 

The Zealots are not worth a massive amount of Emissary Standing, so unless you need the extra points, you can safely ignore them for now. I am sure they will become more relevant as the Nightwave Series goes on, however.

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