What Are The Zealots In Warframe Nightwave Series 2?


Warframe's Nightwave Series 2 just got a new addition in the form of the Zealot. Zealots are devoted followers of Arlo who have exposed themselves to the Infestation and have been changed by it. They come in two forms and will spawn together, the Zealot Herald and the Zealot Proselytizer. They are the Infested form of Arlo's devotees, and they live to spread Arlo's word and show their loyalty to him.

How To Find The Zealot Herald And Proselytizer

The Zealot Herald and Proselytizer will randomly spawn when you are in missions, on the Plains of Eidolon, or Orb Vallis. Just like the Escapees from the Saturn Six Series, they are worth Standing. Kill them both will net you 50 Emissary Standing for each one. If you are out on the Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis, it is possible to have more than one group of them spawn during your play session. I assume this is also possible in longer missions, but I have yet to run into them during any endless missions.

Zealot Herald

The Zealot Herald is armed with a Torrid that fires Toxin grenades that explode into clouds of poison. Their flesh is weak to Viral damage, while their ferrite armor is weak to Corrosive damage.

Zealot Proselytizer

The Zealot Proselytizer is armed with a blade encasing his arm, and a sidearm. His infested flesh is weak to Gas, and his infested sinew is weak to Radiation damage.

Both of the Zealots will grow pustules when damaged. These will explode in a cloud of the area of effect damage. This can hit quite hard if you are low level, so it is best to engage them from a distance.

Neither of them is overly difficult to kill, and shouldn't present you with any major issues if they spawn in your mission. They do also have a loot drop table, although I do not have enough info on their possible drops at the moment. I will add that information to the guide when I learn more. 

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