How To Quickly Farm Ayatan Sculptures In Warframe For The Animator Challenge


Ayatan Sculptures in Warframe are found in two ways. You can find them when you are playing missions, usually hidden somewhere on the map, or you can get them as rewards at the end of specific missions. 

The Quickest Way To Get Ayatan Sculptures

Outside of trading for them with other players, the quickest way to get Ayatan Sculptures is from Arbitrations. These high difficulty missions have a great chance of rewarding an Ayatan Sculpture every rotation. You also stand a good chance of earning an Ayatan Sculpture as a reward from Sorties. Finally, you can get a pretty easy Ayatan Sculpture by doing Maroo's weekly mission. 

If you have never played Arbitrations missions and need help with them, we have a useful guide that should help you out. The most crucial point is that you need to have cleared the star chart before you can access them.

The Hard Way To Get Ayatan Sculptures

The hardest way to get sculptures is in regular missions. They are an extremely rare spawn in missions, but they do show up from time to time. It is easier to find them if you are running with a mod like Animal Instinct or Loot Detector, as they show up on your mini-map as a loot icon. The trick is to search in every room, and being aware of your surroundings while you are doing so. The sculptures do not always stand out and are difficult to see in some tilesets. 

Because they are scannable objects, you can also use a scanner to check through walls to try and find them, although this method is rather slow. Finding them in mission boils down to good old grinding. An excellent way to quickly search for them is to run a max range Limbo, with plenty of energy, and promptly spam your Cataclysm as you run around the map. The cataclysm breaks any containers and resources nodes in the area, quickly clearing those icons from your map. If an icon remains, it is either a resource or an Ayatan Sculpture. As long as you are running Vacuum or a similar mod on your Sentinel or pet, then you can quickly run to an area and check. Even getting close to the room should help in most cases with Vacuum. 

It's a tricky challenge for newer players. The good news is if you don't get it finished this week, then any progress you make remains and you should get another chance at it as long as you finish all the missions next week.

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