Red Dead Online: Role Specific Awards

Red Dead Online: Role Specific Awards

As you play through Red Dead Online, you'll hit certain milestones within the game and in doing so will be awarded different belt buckles to wear, so people know you're a bad-ass. For example, if you kill a certain amount of people with a specific weapon or manage to hunt and kill a whole host of animals. These are here to keep the perfectionists coming back time and time again, as they try their hardest to 100% Rockstar's classic.

It's an obsession that I fully understand as during the first red Dead Redemption I tried to do the same thing and only missed out on one legendary animal, leaving me at 99.7% which wasn't annoying in any way shape or form, honest.

If you think that you've done it all in this regards, then you can think again as the huge summer update brought with it a whole host of new awards that are role-specific for you to spend vast chunks of your life trying to achieve. For those of you that need a checklist, then this guide is here to point you in the right direction.

Red Dead Online: Role Specific Awards

Red Dead Online Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter Awards

  • Twenty: Reach Rank Twenty As A Bounty Hunter
  • Living Targets: Bring In 1,000 Bounty Targets Alive
  • Dead Targets: Bring In 1,000 Bounty Targets Dead
  • Player Targets: Bring In 100 Player Bounties
  • Every Board: Bring In  A Bounty Target From Every Board
  • Legendary Target: Bring In A Legendary Bounty Target
  • 5-Star Legendary: Bring In A 5-Star Legendary Bounty Target

Red Dead Online Collector

Collector Awards

  • Twenty: Reach Rank Twenty As A  Collector
  • Collectible Items: Find 1,000 Collectible Items
  • Tarot Cards: Sell 20 Complete Sets Of Tarot Cards
  • American Wild Flowers: Sell 20 Complete Sets Of American Wild Flowers
  • Lost Jewelry: Sell 20 Complete Sets Of Lost Jewelry
  • Antique Alcohol Bottles: Sell 20 Complete Sets Of Antique Alcohol Bottles
  • Bird Eggs: Sell 20 Complete Sets Of Birde Eggs
  • Family Heirlooms: Sell 20 Complete Sets Of Family Heirlooms
  • Arrowheads: Sell 20 Complete Sets Of Arrowheads
  • Coins: Sell 20 Complete Sets Of Coins
  • Weekly Lists: Complete 20 Of Madam Nazar's Weekly Lists

Red Dead Online Trader

Trader Awards

  • Twenty: Reach Rank Twenty As A Trader
  • Cash From Trading: Make $1,000 From Trading
  • Resupply: Complete 1,000 Resupply Missions
  • Goods To Buyers: Sell 5,000 Goods To Buyers
  • Stew At Camp: Mike 100 Stews At Your Camp
  • Different Buyers: Sell To 15 Different Buyers

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