Mario Kart Tour - How To Land 3 Hits With Bob-ombs In A Single Race

Mario Kart Tour

A new week means new challenges in Mario Kart Tour. One of the challenges this week is to land three hits with Bob-ombs in a single race. If you pick the right driver and the right track, you can get this finished very quickly. 

Mario Kart Tour - How To Land 3 Hits With Bob-ombs In A Single Race

Shy Guy is a great driver to use for this challenge, as his special ability is the Double Bob-ombs, which throws two Bob-ombs at once. If you use him on Shy Guy Bazaar, you can also get Frenzy, allowing you to spawn the Bob-ombs for a few seconds. 

Roy also has the Double Bob-ombs special skill, and can get a Frenzy on Kalimari Desert T. Wario has the Double Bob-omb ability, and can Frenzy on Choco Island 2T, Kalimari Desert R, and Kalimari Desert T. 

Waluigi can Frenzy on Waluigi Pinball, Rock Rock Mountain, and Neo Bowser City R. He also has the Double Bob-ombs special skill. Mario (Musician) has the Bob-ombs you need to finish the challenge and can Frenzy on multiple tracks. Yoshi Circuit R, Waluigi Pinball, Mario Circuit 3, Daisy Hills, New York Minute T, New York Minute R are all courses where Mario (Musician) can Frenzy. 

Any of these drivers on the listed courses are a quick and easy way to finish up the challenge. I'd suggest doing the races at 150cc, as the drivers tend to group up more. Just stay with the back, pick up item boxes, and throw the Bob-ombs as they come to you. 

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