Should You Entrust Lost Cargo In Death Stranding?

Death Stranding

Death Stranding is filled with lost cargo. It is everywhere, discarded by other porters who were not able to get the job done. You can collect the Lost Cargo and try to carry it to its destination, but sometimes there might be too much of it. What do you do then? Well, you can, if you wish, find a postbox and entrust the lost cargo.

Should You Entrust Lost Cargo In Death Stranding?

Entrusting your cargo means you are making it available for other players to try and deliver. At any distribution center or postbox, you can choose to "Entrust Cargo for Delivery." If you do this, the cargo will be left there, in a shared locker, that other players can access. If they wish, they can take the cargo and deliver it to its destination, netting you both some likes.

You will not get the same Likes and Ranking as you would if you had delivered it yourself, but you will get some if the cargo is delivered, and that is where it gets risky. There is a chance the cargo will never be picked up by another player and never delivered. You will be at the mercy of other players, and how helpful they may be feeling. 

The Entrust system is one of the most obvious ways that different players share the world and try to cooperate to get all packages delivered. If you have a delivery that absolutely must reach its destination, then you are better off to take it there yourself. If you keep finding too much Lost Cargo, and cannot carry it all, then using postboxes to Entrust the cargo is a good idea. You can also bring it to distribution centers and Entrust it there if you decide the final leg of a journey is too long, or you end up getting a massive delivery to progress the story.

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