Catherine cheats and unlockables guide

Enjoying your gameplay experience with Atlus latest release Catherine. Well let me tell you one thing about the game, there are tons of secrets, cheats, and unlockables that gamers need to achieve.


Some of these secrets can be obtained by gamers by simply finishing the game, whereas others need some effort. We have listed below details of each and every secrets in Catherine along with the cheats to achieve it.

Here is the list:

Unlock Colosseum Mode

  • Beat the Game Once

Unlock Very Easy Mode

  • Highlight the Golden Playhouse from the title screen and hold SELECT button until the screen flashes white. Gamers need to do this every time they begin or load the game.

Unlocking New Rapunzel Stages

  • Insert the following code at the Rapunzel arcade games title screen. When the code is entered correctly, the screen will show different colors.
    Code: Up, Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Right

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