Metro 2033 Achievements Titles List

Before the release of Metro 2033 for Xbox 360 want to know about the achievement it will offers to its gamers, then read the following list which is nothing but the top 10 achievements Metro 2033 will offers to its Xbox 360 gamers.

First Achievement in Metro 2033 is Heavy Reader:
To achieve Heavy Reader achievement in Metro 2033 gamers need to get successful in killing the Librarian.

Second Achievement in Metro 2033 is Exorcist:

if you able to get success in completing the two levels Ghosts and Anomaly in Metro 2033 than you will have an Exorcist Achievement. But their is a condition that you have to complete these levels without dying.

Third Achievement in Metro 2033 is Ranger:
You will earn yourself a Ranger Achievement if you able get success in searching all the Ranger stashes hidden in Dead City 1 and Dead City 2.

Fourth Achievement in Metro 2033 is Tank Buster:
To have for yourself a Tank Buster Achievement you have to complete a task of destroying the Fascists Panzer and mind you its not a simple task as its sound

Fifth Achievement in Metro 2033 is Raider:

You will achieve Raider Achievement in level Depot of Metro 2033, complete a task of killing the first guard keep in mind first guard and reach the Facist Station. Look so simple there is a twist in the tail you have to do this without getting notice by anyone, how you will do this its upto you.

Sixth Achievement in Metro 2033 is Fungitive:

Fungitive Achievement can be achieve if you complete the level Armory in Metro 2033 by fullfilling the condition which is you will not get caught by anybody.

Seventh Achievement in Metro 2033 is DJ Artyom:
You will get a DJ Artyom Achievement in the level Outpost, somehow just get yourself into the Radio Tower and broadcast the message of the commander through it.

Eight Achievement in Metro 2033 is Merciful:

you have to show little mercy for getting Merciful Achievement, not a big task, just get successful in completing the level Black of Metro 2033 by not killing a single Fascist Army Soliders

Ninth Achievement in Metro 2033 is Soft Touch:

There will be many wire trap in Metro 2033 you need to just Disarm 10 of these wire trap to earn yourself a Soft Touch Achievement.

Tenth Achievement in Metro 2033 is Scrooge:
In Metro 2033 just try to save as many military grade round as you can and if you able to get successful in saving a total of 500 military grade rounds then you will get a Scrooge Achievement.

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