How to play Halo 3 Online for Free

Want to Play  Halo  3 Online with a multiplayer  mode which available  with it on your  Xbox  360  but don't know how or having  some problem. We have a solution for how you  can play Halo 3 online.

If you have following things which we have listed below than you can Play Halo 3 Online without any difficulty.

  • PC (computer) with internet connection
  • Free XBL account
  • Halo 3 game installed properly on to the PC that is no error should error when you installed Halo 3.
  • Xbox 360 Wire or Wireless Controller, Headset and other extra as per your requirement.

If you fulfill all the above requirement you can play Halo 3 online by following the below steps:

  • Connect your Xbox 360 and wire or wireless controlling to your PC having internet connection and register yourself to Xbox Live for get yourself a free account which will be used for playing Halo 3 online.
  • Select the battleground in which you want to play with you want to have battle with your opposition and then click on a share option available on Xbox 360 in the form of a button, this share option will help you get an opponent against you.

This above two steps complete all the things you need to follow so that you can play Halo 3 online without any difficulty whatsoever.

Use the Headset so that you can communicate with your opposition whenever you feel the requirement of it and wireless controller for playing the Halo 3 online.

If you still find some problem after following the above steps, free free to post your issues in comments.

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