Tips for Playing Halo 3 Online Multiplayer

Are you new to Halo 3 Online and want to compete in it and also want to know some tips for playing Halo 3 online. Don't worry we will help you get some knowledge and tips about how you can fair well in playing Halo 3 online even though you are a new to it.

First of all you understand and keep in your mind that your are new and a beginners to Halo 3 online so don't rush your self directly into online play. Start playing Halo 3 online in a local play that is go for offline play first so that you get to know what Halo 3 is all about and explorer all the possibilities in Halo 3 online. Get the information about the weapons you will be using and information about the map in which you will be playing. Not only this explorer Halo 3 so that you get to know about sniper location, teleport and other such things.

Knowing the environment of Halo 3 will definitely give an edge even though you are a new and beginner to Halo 3 online.

Try using Look sensitivity option available according to your requirement, First let me tell you where you get this Look sensitivity option

  • Click on Start option whenever you want but only while you are making match
  • From the directional keypad available click on right only one time
  • Then press "A" you will get access to game control in which Look sensitivity option will be available.
  • You can set it from 1 to 10, check all the option which fit best for your requirement we recommend you to set it on 4 but check all option and then take decision.

Last but not the least is that you have to get expertize in your shooting ability, there are various ways in which you can shoot your opponent explorer each an every style of shooting along with defense technique. Let me give you some example such as run while you are shooting, don't stop at one place and shoot, to get your opponent confuse shoot and jump.

In overall play of Halo 3 online one weapons that will help you get an edge is a battle rifle and gamers seriously get expertize in battle rifle by practicing this will help you very much.

So follow the above tips and you will definitely have an edge in your play of Halo 3 online. do recommend this articles to your friend who want to have some information or tips about Halo 3 online play and don't forget to leave your response.

For Xbox 360 users, who don't know how to play Halo 3 Online refer to this guide : How to play Halo 3 Online for Free.

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