How to Reset Playstation 3

Resetting your Playstation 3 is an easy task and it is done when gamers want to troubleshoot the gaming console after having some issue with it or after an hard disk freezing issue. Its is recommend to all the gamers and user for backing of all the important data bfore resetting as it will restore the Playstation 3 to factory setting and there are every chances that it might get erased.

Step 1:

Switch off your Playstation 3 from the switch which is on the back side of the system.

Step 2:

Wait for sometime and than switch ON the Paystation 3 from back.

Step 3:

Keep holding the power button and lets the Playstation 3 power ON, kee holding power button until you hear three beeps. This three beeps signal ill be an indication for you that the Playstation 3 has received a reset command.

Step 4:

Completing the Prompt formality through the intial stages so that resetting the Playstation 3 continue.

Step 5:

Choose the Format option form the main system menu to start the formatting and ultimately finishing the resetting process of Playstation 3.

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