How to fix PS3 Error 8013030f

Playstation 3

Playstation 3 error code 8013030f is caused by internet connection issue. {S3 owners getting the error 8013030f reports that they are unable to connect to their PSN account, and even if they do manage to get into their PSN account, they get kicked out after few seconds. This simple means they are unable to play their favourite games online.

Playstation 3At times this can be very frustrating for any player who always play online, however PS3 error 8013030f does not implies that PS3 owner will never get to play game online. The PS3 error 8013030f can be easily fixed, and step for the same is given below.

Step 1:

Reset the ROUTER. In most of the cases (related to PS3 internet connection issue), the first and the foremost culprit is ROUTER, and so ressetting it might fix the issue.

Step 2:

If resetting the ROUTER does not yield the desire result, PS3 owners should change the setting of their ROUTER and should also reset MODEM.

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