How to get Three Red Lights on XBox 360

Xbox 360 a most popular gaming console of current time some times give glitches like overheating for example resulting into the non-working of Xbox 360. There are many other things which make Xbox 360 hang up and turn the four green light infront of the console to three red light.

We have listed below four very basic thing which gamers do which directly affect the Xbox 360 resulting in to non-working of it. So read it carefully and don't do these things and if oyu have more than enough bugs to spend on repairing Xbox 360 do this things as many time as you can.

  1. Never put your Xbox 360 on carpet when it is on beause the heat generate will be more as compare to normal circumstance and the carpet will block it from getting disperse resulting into the failure of Xbox 360.

  2. When you finish your gameplay switch off the Xbox 360, don't leave it on for too much time like that only because leaving it on for too much time like that will cause it too hang and it might even damage it
  3. Never ever put your Xbox 360 near or even closer to item which generate heat like heater or other electronic item
  4. For cooling of Xbox 360 there are fans and vents in it take care of these fans and vents by properly cleaning it, and do not put Xbox 360 against the wall

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