The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition Achievements

The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition

CD Projekt Red has revealed complete Achievement List for Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2 (popularly known as The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition). The game features over four hours of extra gameplay.

The Witcher 2 Enhanced EditionIt will launch on April 17. We have the full achievement list for the game below, along with tips and tricks to achieve it. Check it out.

To Aedirn! (5 points)
Complete Chapter 1

Alea Est Iacta (10 points)
Complete Chapter 2

Once Is not Enough (15 points)
Complete Chapter 3

Apprentice (10 points)
Use alchemy potions to brew five or oils.

Master Alchemist (10 points)
Acquire the mutant ability.

The Butcher of Blaviken (30 points)
Kill 500 foes.

Miser (10 points)
Collect 10 000 orens.

Focus (30 points)
Perform three successful Ripostes in a row.

Craftsman (10 points)
Hire a craftsman to create an item.

Pest Control (20 points)
Finish all quests involing the destruction of nests monster.

Torn Asunder! (15 points)
Kill more than one opponent using a single bomb exploding.

Gambler (15 points)
Win an arm wrestling match, a dice poker game and a fist fight.

Gladiator (15 points)
Defeat all opponents in the arena Kaedweni.

Madman (100 points)
Finish the game while playing at the Dark difficulty level.

Journeyman (10 points)
Achieve level 10 character

Guru (50 points)
Achieve 35th level character

Master of Magic (10 points)
Acquire the Sense of Magic ability.

Mutant! (30 points)
Enhance abilities using mutagens at least five times.

Last Man Standing (15 points)
Survive your 30th fight in the arena

Perfectionist (15 points)
Kill 10 foes in a row without losing any vitality.

Poker! (30 points)
Rolling five-of-a-kind at poker dice.

Tried-and-True (10 points)
Survive your 5th fight in the arena

The Fugitive (5 points)
Complete the Prologue.

Ricochet (10 points)
Kill a foe by deflecting his own arrow at him.

Sword Master (10 points)
Acquire the Combat Acumen ability.

To Be Continued ... (50 points)
Finish the game at any difficulty level.

Threesome (15 points)
Kill three foes at once by performing a group finisher.

Apart from the above achievement, The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition features 23 Secret Achievements.

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