How to Backup Xbox 360 to a External Memory Device

Did you ever imagine that you can have backup of your save game and other important things like your save file or songs another things to and Xbox 360 Memory unit. Well the backup can only be of 512 MB only as the memory unit of Xbox 360 can store that much data only. This is a good option for a backup because of its portable design and you can easily carry it any where raher than carrying your Xbox 360 everywhere.

Now i will tell you how you can do this backup, this is simple and easy just follow the step given below:

Step 1:

Take out the Xbox 360 Memory Unit and put it into any one of the available two port which is on the front end of the Xbox 360 do this keeping your Xbox 360 switch off.

Step 2:

Now switch ON your Xbox 360, and navigate yourself from "Main Menu" to "System"->Memory and then from the memory screen select the option of "Memory Unit".

Step 3:

Now from Memory Unit select "Option" and then select "Rename" to give name to your Memory Unit this will be helpful for you in identify your memory unit if oyu have multiple one.

Step 4:

Now navigate yourself back to Memory Menu and from there select "Hard Drive"

Step 5:

Select the files which you want to backup to your Memory Unit after completing your selection of files go to "Option" and then "COpy" if not copy you can use "Move To" for backing up. Remember you can backup anything your save games songs important data anything.

Step 6:

If you wish to delete files from your memory unit you just need to navigate yourself to "Memory Menu" and from there selecting your "Memory Unit" and then selecting the "Option" and than "Delete".

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