How to install Plug and Play TV Games

Setting up plug and play TV game is not that tough as it consist of game controller along with game software and a connector as a one complete unit. This one complete unit just require a connction to a RCA input in the TV, this Plug and Play TV games has been a great success because of its portability and it is cheap and is easily available in the market, Children are more fond of this as they can be carried to anywhere and it is complatible with many or you can say every TV.

Given below are the instruction for Setting Up Plug and Play TV Games:

Step 1:

First of all open that part of the gaming console where battery is located, some just have clip lock or some require screws to open, this battery slot is mostly located upside down of the gaming console.

Step 2:

Remove the battery and insert the new battery this is just a precaution measure if you already have a fresh battery leave this two step.

Step 3:

Now just connect the yellow, white and red RCA to the game console and also to the TV, it won't be a hectic task for you because there will be three slot in the TV where you can connect it and all three will be in their respective color you just need to connect yellow cable in yellow slot and same with other two also.

Step 4:

Turn ON the game console and TV and press on the input tab from the game controller you will see controller signal on your TV which will be an indication for you that oyu have successfully complete your Plug and Play Tv game.

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