Uncharted 2: Among Thieves - PS3 Medals

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves will also offer various Medals which gamers can get in a multiplayer environment, There are in total 12 medal whose description and detail is given below.

  • Tip Off Medal: if you able to get your hands on Treasure in Plunder you will get a Tip Off Medal but you have to be the first player to get your hand on it
  • Protectorate Medal: For this Protectorate Medal you have to kill a total of 5 enemies who are trying to damage Treasure Carrier
  • No Cigar Medal: In Protectorate Medal you save the Treasure Carrier, Now for getting yourself a No Cigar Medal you have to kill a Treasure Carrier but at a time when they are about to score for themselves.
    • None Shall Pass Medal:During your King of the Hill gameplay kill a total of 5 emeny when you are in the Hill.

      First Medal: You get yourself a First Medal if you do the first killing of the game.

      Finish Him Medal: You get yourself a Finish Him Medal if you do the last killing of the game.

      Retaliation Medal: You get yourself a Retaliation Medal if you able to kill the last and the same gamers that had kill you.

      Defender Medal: if you able to defend your one of your team member by killing your opponent gamer who is constantly shooting him.

  • That Was Embarrassing Medal: if you successfully earn yourself a Shutout in Plunder you will get That Was Embarrassing Meda
  • Put'em Down Medal: Use your Pistol and use it in the Knockdown State for killing anyone and earning yourself a Put'em Down Medal
  • Unlucky Medal: Read this one properly, for getting yourself a Unlucky Medal you have to Die a total of 5 times continuously that too not getting kil
  • Tricky Medal: Use your Pistol Weapon and Kill any one of your opponent gamers while hanging in air.

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