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PUBG - Sanhok Map Strategy, Tips And Tricks

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Sanhom Maps Tips

Sanhok tips and trick guide of PUBG will help you to plan your way towards winning the match, you have to identify good hiding spots, loot locations, etc.

Best Loot Locations In Sanhok Map - PUBG

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Best Sanhok Loot Spot

Sanhok is a pretty challenging map in PUBG, finding good loot spots is not easy, in this guide you can get some tips on best loot spots in Sanhok region.

All Sanhok Map Locations And Tips - PUBG

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Sanhok Map Locations

Sanhok is a new PUBG Map, that brings a mini battle royale experience filled with challenging missions, unique rewards and loots.

PUBG - All Sanhok Vehicle Spawn Location

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PUBG Vehicle Spawn Location

Locations to find vehicles in PUBG Map Sanhok, you can find Motorcycle, Buggy, Pickup, Van, PG-117, and Aquarail in different places like Land and Water.

How to Complete West End Investigations - Vampyr

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West End Investigations

The West End investigation has 7 investigations in Vampyr. On finishing them, you earn XP in the game like other investigations.

How To Get Bloody Roots - Vampyr Achievement Guide

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Bloody Roots Achievement Guide

The Bloody Root is the biggest secret in Vampyr. It consists of a puzzle that on solving unlocks the Bloody Root Achievement and a powerful weapon in the game.

How To Complete All The Docks Investigations - Vampyr

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The Docks Investigations

The Docks area in Vampyr walkthrough has around 9 investigations, you have to find the respective person and do a task to complete them.

How To Complete All Whitechapel Investigations - Vampyr

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Whitechapel Investigations

There are six main investigations in Whitechapel Investigations of Vampyr walkthrough, in this guide you can find tips on how to start and complete them.

Vampyr Ultimate Skill Guide - All Skills, Upgrades And How To Unlock Them

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Vampyr Ultimate Skill Guide

In Vampyr as Jonathan Reid, you can unlock different skills, and upgrade them by paying XP. In this guide, you can find a list of all skills and their upgrade cost.

How To Defeat Sewer Beast In Vampyr - Boss Fight Tips

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Kill Sewer Beast

Sewer Beast is a tough boss fight in Vampyr, but with few simple tips and tricks you can defeat/kill him easily.