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How To Get Hidden Life is Strange Easter Egg In Vampyr

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Life is Strange Easter Egg Vampyr

Vampyr has an Easter egg that points towards Life is Strange, another title by Dontnod Entertainment. The Easter Egg is hidden and appears for a very short while.

How To Complete All Pembroke Hospital Investigations - Vampyr

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Pembroke Hospital Investigations

You can play seven investigations in Pembroke Hospital District of Vampyr, all are triggered after finding and talking to the right NPC.

Vampyr Ending Walkthrough - Patient Zero & Healthy Carrier

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Vampyr Ending Walkthrough

In Ending Walkthrough of Vampyr you will find two chapters Patient Zero & Healthy Carrier and you will also find tips on Harriet Jones boss fight.

Vampyr Second Opinion Walkthrough - Defeat Geoffrey McCullum Boss

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Vampyr Second Opinion Walkthrough

In Chapter 5 Second Opinion as Jonathan you will be facing Geoffrey McCullum Boss. You have to fight him to save Dr. Swansea.

Vampyr Rising Fever Walkthrough - Defeat Doris Fletcher Boss

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Rising Fever Walkthrough

In Chapter 4 Rising Fever of Vampyr Walkthrough as Jonathan will be investigating the infection source and fight with Doris Fletcher a renowned actress.

Vampyr Family History Walkthrough - Fergal And Mary Boss Fight

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Vampyr Family History Walkthrough

In Chapter 3 Family History of Vampyr Walkthrough as Jonathan, you will be investigating murders that will lead two boss fights Fergal and Mary.

Vampyr White Coat Walkthrough - Defeat Sewer Beast, Vincent & Toby Sheen

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Vampyr White Coat Walkthrough

In Chapter 2 White coat of Vampyr Walkthrough, you will be facing two different bosses and learn a new ability eavesdropping which can be used to investigate citizens for clues.

Vampyr Chapter 1 Walkthrough - Quarantine

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Quarantine Walkthrough

Quarantine is the first chapter of Vampyr Walkthrough, in this you will be playing two main mission and face the first boss type enemy.

Vampyr Prologue Walkthrough - The Beginning

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Vampyr Prologue Walkthrough

Vampyr Prologue Walkthrough consist of tips for the first mission/objective of the game. The game has six main chapters, you will unlock a weapon, crafting and the skill section.

Detroit Become Human Walkthrough: Night Of The Soul & Battle Of Detroit

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Detroit Become Human Ending Walkthrough

In the ending walkthrough of Detroit Become Human, you will read about Night Of The Soul & Battle Of Detroit. There are multiple endings like Markus Death, Kara, and Alice Boat or Crossing Border situation and Connor's objective whether he turns to a Deviant or not. Each endings changes on the basis of choices you pick.