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  • How to Communicate in Call of Duty 4 with Players

    You are playing Call of Duty 4 Online on Xbox 360 but suddenly feel the need that you need to have a communication with your friends or opponent who also playing online against you but you doesn't know how to do it.

    Don't worry we will tell how you can communicate with your friends or your opponent While Playing Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360 Online. There are three ways in which you can send message or communicate with your opponent or friends while playing Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360.

    First way is Party Chat:

    • Simplest and fastest way of communicating while playing Call of Duty 4 online on Xbox 360
    • For Party Chat gamers requires to press Guide button
    • This Guide button will list all gamers playing Call of Duty 4 at that current instant
    • As you get the list of gamers, Press "A" button so that you can have a look at their profiles
    • After pressing A, select the option "Invite to Party and Game" which enables them to have a communication with you through Headset

    Second Way is Private Chat:

    If you want to have a chat or communication with a particular gamer or particular friend of your then this option is best for you. For Private Chat do the following thing:
    As you are viewing the profile of the gamers or your friend you need to chat then select the option " Invite to Private Chat". This enables you to have a communication or chat with that particular gamer or friend through Headset.

    Third Way Text Messaging:

    But at times you only require to just send a text message to gamers or friends instead of have a communication with him through Headset, in this scenario you can use Text Messaging. For Text Mesaging do the following,

    • As you are viewing the profile of the gamers or your friend you want to send text message then select the option "Send Message". The moment you select this option a keyboard appears on the screen, type the message you want send with the help of this keyboard and then click Start button and then Send Message button.

    Hope this has help you understand each and every minute detail of how you can have a communication with your friends and other gamers while Playing Call of Duty 4 on Xbox 360 Online. if you still have a problem please give write to us your problem as a comment to this article.

    This most simple and the fastest way to communicate with friend. For Party chat you require to press guide, as you press guide button a list of gamers playing the Call of Duty 4 will appear then press "A"  and after pressing A select option " Invite to Party Chat" .

  • Tips for Playing Halo 3 Online Multiplayer

    Are you new to Halo 3 Online and want to compete in it and also want to know some tips for playing Halo 3 online. Don't worry we will help you get some knowledge and tips about how you can fair well in playing Halo 3 online even though you are a new to it.

    First of all you understand and keep in your mind that your are new and a beginners to Halo 3 online so don't rush your self directly into online play. Start playing Halo 3 online in a local play that is go for offline play first so that you get to know what Halo 3 is all about and explorer all the possibilities in Halo 3 online. Get the information about the weapons you will be using and information about the map in which you will be playing. Not only this explorer Halo 3 so that you get to know about sniper location, teleport and other such things.

    Knowing the environment of Halo 3 will definitely give an edge even though you are a new and beginner to Halo 3 online.

    Try using Look sensitivity option available according to your requirement, First let me tell you where you get this Look sensitivity option

    • Click on Start option whenever you want but only while you are making match
    • From the directional keypad available click on right only one time
    • Then press "A" you will get access to game control in which Look sensitivity option will be available.
    • You can set it from 1 to 10, check all the option which fit best for your requirement we recommend you to set it on 4 but check all option and then take decision.

    Last but not the least is that you have to get expertize in your shooting ability, there are various ways in which you can shoot your opponent explorer each an every style of shooting along with defense technique. Let me give you some example such as run while you are shooting, don't stop at one place and shoot, to get your opponent confuse shoot and jump.

    In overall play of Halo 3 online one weapons that will help you get an edge is a battle rifle and gamers seriously get expertize in battle rifle by practicing this will help you very much.

    So follow the above tips and you will definitely have an edge in your play of Halo 3 online. do recommend this articles to your friend who want to have some information or tips about Halo 3 online play and don't forget to leave your response.

    For Xbox 360 users, who don't know how to play Halo 3 Online refer to this guide : How to play Halo 3 Online for Free.

  • How to play Halo 3 Online for Free

    Want to Play  Halo  3 Online with a multiplayer  mode which available  with it on your  Xbox  360  but don't know how or having  some problem. We have a solution for how you  can play Halo 3 online.

    If you have following things which we have listed below than you can Play Halo 3 Online without any difficulty.

    • PC (computer) with internet connection
    • Free XBL account
    • Halo 3 game installed properly on to the PC that is no error should error when you installed Halo 3.
    • Xbox 360 Wire or Wireless Controller, Headset and other extra as per your requirement.

    If you fulfill all the above requirement you can play Halo 3 online by following the below steps:

    • Connect your Xbox 360 and wire or wireless controlling to your PC having internet connection and register yourself to Xbox Live for get yourself a free account which will be used for playing Halo 3 online.
    • Select the battleground in which you want to play with you want to have battle with your opposition and then click on a share option available on Xbox 360 in the form of a button, this share option will help you get an opponent against you.

    This above two steps complete all the things you need to follow so that you can play Halo 3 online without any difficulty whatsoever.

    Use the Headset so that you can communicate with your opposition whenever you feel the requirement of it and wireless controller for playing the Halo 3 online.

    If you still find some problem after following the above steps, free free to post your issues in comments.

  • How to Download Free Nintendo DS Games

    Looking for the ways by which you can download free Nintendo DS games for yourself, we will tell you how this is possible for you. You can download for yourself a free Nintendo DS games from the internet. But this free Nintendo DS games will be just the back up of the original copies of the game you posses and they are called as ROMs. For runnig this ROMs your require a special type of emulator which is available for free.

    Now below are the step which will tell you how you can download free Nintendo DS games

    Step 1:

    First you need to download the ROM file from the provider.

    Step 2:

    Now download the emulator for this ROM file which is available free of cost just search on the google search engine you will definitely get it.

    Step 3:

    Run the emulator which you have downloaded and then click on the FIle option and then on the Open option, Browse the ROM file which you have downloaded and double click on it. Emulator will automatically open the games for you to play it.

  • Heavy Rain Unlockable Code and PS3 trophies list

    Gamers, are you the lucky one who has pre-ordered the Heavy Rain from the known retailers in the market. Because if you have pre-ordered Heavy Rain from Amazon, Gamestop, Gamecrazy, you will be getting a code which you can use to get the free download of the first installment of Heavy Rain that is Heavy Rain Chronicle One: The Taxidermist. And for gamers who still didn't pre-ordered the Heavy Rain can do it now as this offer of free download of Heavy Rain Chronicles One: The Taxidermist is available till end of this month otherwise after deadline you will be getting it for a price of $5 from the PlayStation Network.

    Heavy Rain Chronicles is the Journey of Madison Paige, a Journalist who is on is way to solve and catch a serial killer.

    There are in all 57 Trophies in Heavy Rain out of which some are listed below:

    There are two Bronze Trophy in Heavy Rain:

    Heavy Rain Hero Bronze Trophy - if you achieve this trophy it means you have finish Heavy Rain
    Interactive Drama Bronze Trophy - Achieve this trophy means

     There is one Silver Trophy in Heavy Rain:

    Four Heroes Silver Trophy - Achieve this and you have completed the Story of Heavy Rain with your four character alive

    There is one Gold Trophy in Heavy Rain:

    All Ending Gold Trophy - If you achieve this trophy it means you have seen all the endings in Heavy Rain.

    There is One Platinum Trophy:

    Heavy Rain Master Platinum Trophy - If you achieve this Platium Trophy then you will unlock all the trophy which are lock.

    Out of 57 trophies in Heavy Rain five are mention above remaining 52 are lock and can be unlock by gamers if they achieve Platinum Trophy. So gamers be the first one to unlock the remaining trophy.

  • Aliens vs Predator Multiplayer Modes Details

    Want to known about Aliens vs Preadator Multiplayer Mode in detail, read the following description which will give detail information about all the seven multiplayer mode of Aliens vs Predator.

    Death Match :
    The first multiplayer mode of Alien vs Predator is Death Match, In this mode of Aliens vs Predator, Gamers has been bound by a time limit in which they have do as many killing as they can.

    Infestation : Second multiplayer mode of Alien vs predator is Infestation, gamers play a role of Alien hunter who has been assign a task of hunting the marine prey. Completing this task they will join team of hunter for hunting the remaining prey.

    Mixed Species Death Match : Third multiplayer mode is Mixed Species Death March, identical to Death March with some modification. This mode will have two teams of gamers battling to do as many killing as they can in a stipulated time frame.

    Surviour Mode:
    Fourth mode is Surviour mode, In this Aliens vs Predator mode, maximum of four gamers will battle with the strongest and dangerous aliens

    Predator Hunt:
    Fifth mode of Aliens vs Predator is Predator hunt, this mode is a battle between two gamers in which one play a role of predator hunter whereas the other play a marine prey.

    Species Death Match:
    Aliens vs Predator sixth mode is Species Death March, the difference between Mixed Species Death March and Species Death March is that gamers in this mode is battle against each other rather than teaming with each other.

    Domination Mode : Seventh mode of Alien vs Predator is Domination mode were two teams battle against each other for their domination by gathering 100 control points. First team to gather 100 control points will this mode and dominate.

    Hope this article has given you the complete idea and detail informatiom about Aliens vs Preadtor multiplayer mode. Please feel free to post your comments

  • Metro 2033 Achievements Titles List

    Before the release of Metro 2033 for Xbox 360 want to know about the achievement it will offers to its gamers, then read the following list which is nothing but the top 10 achievements Metro 2033 will offers to its Xbox 360 gamers.

    First Achievement in Metro 2033 is Heavy Reader:
    To achieve Heavy Reader achievement in Metro 2033 gamers need to get successful in killing the Librarian.

    Second Achievement in Metro 2033 is Exorcist:

    if you able to get success in completing the two levels Ghosts and Anomaly in Metro 2033 than you will have an Exorcist Achievement. But their is a condition that you have to complete these levels without dying.

    Third Achievement in Metro 2033 is Ranger:
    You will earn yourself a Ranger Achievement if you able get success in searching all the Ranger stashes hidden in Dead City 1 and Dead City 2.

    Fourth Achievement in Metro 2033 is Tank Buster:
    To have for yourself a Tank Buster Achievement you have to complete a task of destroying the Fascists Panzer and mind you its not a simple task as its sound

    Fifth Achievement in Metro 2033 is Raider:

    You will achieve Raider Achievement in level Depot of Metro 2033, complete a task of killing the first guard keep in mind first guard and reach the Facist Station. Look so simple there is a twist in the tail you have to do this without getting notice by anyone, how you will do this its upto you.

    Sixth Achievement in Metro 2033 is Fungitive:

    Fungitive Achievement can be achieve if you complete the level Armory in Metro 2033 by fullfilling the condition which is you will not get caught by anybody.

    Seventh Achievement in Metro 2033 is DJ Artyom:
    You will get a DJ Artyom Achievement in the level Outpost, somehow just get yourself into the Radio Tower and broadcast the message of the commander through it.

    Eight Achievement in Metro 2033 is Merciful:

    you have to show little mercy for getting Merciful Achievement, not a big task, just get successful in completing the level Black of Metro 2033 by not killing a single Fascist Army Soliders

    Ninth Achievement in Metro 2033 is Soft Touch:

    There will be many wire trap in Metro 2033 you need to just Disarm 10 of these wire trap to earn yourself a Soft Touch Achievement.

    Tenth Achievement in Metro 2033 is Scrooge:
    In Metro 2033 just try to save as many military grade round as you can and if you able to get successful in saving a total of 500 military grade rounds then you will get a Scrooge Achievement.

  • Half Life 2 Second Episode Cheats and Codes

    Half Life 2 Second Episode starts where we left Gordon and Alyx at the end of Episode 1. Some revelations are made about the scenario and the Alien invasion of Earth. G-Man roles comes, who will lead the mad pursuit of garden Freeman. Half Life 2 Episode is full of action, car chases, fights and some new enemies. Following are the cheats codes commands for Half Life 2 Episode 2, During the game press the ~ (tilde) to open the cheat console, choose one of the codes you show below and press Enter to get the right effect.

    • Turn God Mode On/Off: Enter 'god'.
    • Invisible to Enemies: Enter 'notarget'.
    • Unlock All weapons and extra ammunition: Enter 'Impulse 101'.
    • Hides the weapon of the character: Please enter 'impulse 200'.
    • Activate through walls On/Off: Enter 'noclip'.
    • Wire mode: Enter 'vcollide_wireframe 1'.
    • Just with all the NPCs in an area: Enter 'npc_kill'.
    • Spawn Scout Car: Enter 'ch_createjeep'.
    • Spawn Airboat: Enter 'impulse 83'.
    • Spawn Airboat: Enter 'ch_createairboat'.
    • Bump Mapping Enable: Enter 'mat_fastnobump 1'.
    • Disables Bump Mapping: Enter 'mat_fastnobump 0'.
    • Unlock Wire Frame Models: Enter 'mat_wireframe1'.
    • Draw Game Triggers: Enter 'showtriggers_Activar'.
    • Draw Normal Maps: Enter 'mat_normalmaps 1'.
    • Draw Surface Materials: Enter 'mat_normals 1'
  • Easy way to Rank Up in Halo 3 Online

    You gamers are well aware that Ranking up in Halo 3 is a hectic task as it is totally dependent on the experience point gain by the gamers and also on the skill level. Now we will tell you how you can Rank up fast in Halo 3 online its simple and easy you just need to know the use of Double ExP weekend. Follow the steps given below:

    • First Go to the Main Menu and choose Matchmaking in a Multiplayer, Start your gameplay as any of the Ranked playlist, you need to continue your gameplay until your skill level reaches in the range of 10 to 15, how this help you is that you will be consider as not a good player and you will be able to get a experience point easily.
    • After completing the first step hold on till the weekends.
    • Now in Matchmaking you need to select Double EXP weekend playlist, in this playlist if you win a match you will be gaining two experience point instead of One, so in this way you can rank up quickly as you will be getting yourself a double experience point for winning single match.
    • Continue your gameplay in Double EXP Weekend playlist and winning matches in it until your get to the ponits which can get you the rank you want.

    Hope this article will help you in getting the Rank up fast in Halo 3 online.

  • How to repair damage games DVD and CD

    In today's world, each and every games comes on CDs, DVDs and other such devices, Imagine if your favourite game CD, DVD get damaged you will face problem in your gameplay and also this damage CD,DVD can cause your game console to crash. We will give you some steps which you can follow for repairing your damage game CD,DVD. First let me tell you the list of things you will be required to Repair your damage games CD and DVD:

    1. Window Cleaner
    2. A piece of cloth
    3. A CD repair spinner

    If you have the above thing with you than you can easily repair your damage game CD and DVD. Keep the above thing in front of you and follw the step listed below

    • Go through the surface of your video game CD or DVD and check for Scratches if you find thick scratches than your CD is completely damage you can repair it, but you can easily repair and resolve the dust and minor scratch issue.
    • Take the window cleaner and spray it out on the cloth and just wip out the surface of the CD or DVD from inside to outside  so that whatever dust or fine particles is there just get wip out, but don't forget to wip out from inside to outside.
    • Keep your CD or DVD for drying and use it again to check wheteher its working fine now and your are not facing any issue   now with gameplay.
    • You can use the CD repair spinner for removing minor scratches from your damage CD or DVD. This CD repair spinner is easily available in the market which will automatically discard the layer around the scratches which is indirectly is nothing but buffering the scratches and making your CD or DVD free from scratches