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  • Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Trophies and Achievements guide

    Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark has 51 Trophies for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. There is 1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 5 Silver and 42 Bronze Trophies ans 50 Achievements that add upto 1000 gamescore points on the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

    Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark


    Til All Are One 
    Earn all trophies to get this one


    • Covenant of Primus

    Gamescore: 50
    Access the Prime Mode

    • Double Tough Hard

    Gamescore: 50
    Get through Wave 15 in Escalation

    • Welcome to Earth!

    Gamescore: 50
    Defeat Lockdown


    • Somebody’s Watching Me

    Gamescore: 25
    Find all Stalker’s Observations

    • Make It Rain

    Gamescore: 25
    Reach the end of Entrepreneur

    • Spoils of War

    Gamescore: 25
    Ho through all Veteran’s laments

    • Challenge Accepted

    Gamescore: 50
    Complete 50 Challenges

    • Y U Heff 2 B Mad?

    Gamescore: 25
    Make use of  V32.Cybr Corrupt on Power Foe and let them kill the enemy


    • Aligned

    Gamescore: 10
    Choose allegiance

    • Peace through Tyranny

    Gamescore: 15
    Kill 250 Autobots

    • It Was An Honor

    Gamescore: 15
    Kill 250 Decepticons or mercenaries.

    • Short Circuit

    Gamescore: 10
    Reach Level 5

    • Perfect

    Gamescore: 10
    Reach Level 10

    • You Got The Touch

    Gamescore: 10
    Reach Level 25

    • It's The Thought That Counts

    Gamescore: 10
    Open 3 Gear Boxes

    • Tough

    Gamescore: 10
    Reach through Wave 5 in Escalation

    • Double Tough

    Gamescore: 25
    reach throough Wave 10 in Escalation

    • Hmm, Upgrades

    Upgrade an installation to maximum level in Escalation

    • You Get Nothing, Good Day Sir

    Gamescore: 10
    Reverse engineering project should be slowed down 

    • Make Peace, Not War

    Gamescore: 10
    Finish Lockdown's Weapon Caches

    • Snitches Get Stitches

    Finish Anti-Alien Propaganda Billboard as Drift

    • My Blade Has Tasted Better

    Gamescore: 15
    Kill 25 enemies with the Blade Dash ability as Drift

    • Spectacularly Amazing!

    Gamescore: 25
    Use  less than 6 grapples as Sideswipe and get through the whole chasm

    • Softly Softly Catchee Monkey

    Gamescore: 20
    Kill Cliffjumper as Swindle without causing damage

    • No One Gets Outta Here Alive!

    Gamescore: 10
    Beyond the Gates of Kaon destroy everything

    • What Could Go Wrong?

    Gamescore: 25
    Rescue Cliffjumper without using the turret as Optimus

    • I’d Like To Leave Here Please

    Gamescore: 15
    Escape the ruins of Trypticon by avoiding damage from the laser gates as Jetfire

    • Sting Like A . . . 

    Gamescore: 10
    Kill sniper with a melee attack as Bumblebee

    • Tread Lightly

    Gamescore: 25
    Defend Optimus and avoid his health falling below 50% as Grimlock

    • Give Me The News Doc 

    Gamescore: 25
    Get 50000 health points

    • Need … Oil … Can

    Gamescore: 25
    Kill 75 slowed enemies

    • Bleeding Edge​

    Gamescore: 25
    Active the HACK and complete the game

  • How to connect, pair and sync Wii remote with Wii U

    It is possible to use one Wii remote or the Wiimote, across different Wii and Wii U consoles. It is famous for its  motion sensing capability and is available in various colors. All you have to do is follow a small procedure to sync the Wii remote to the desired Wii console.

    Wii U

    Follow these steps to Sync Wii remote to Wii U:

    • Connect the sensor bar and place it properly
    • Press the Home button 
    • Select Controller Settings
    • From Wii Remote/Other Controllers select Pair
    • To access Sync button on the controller:
      • Press the SYNC button from Wii Remote's battery compartment (In some models there will be a hole and a tool to access this button directly) 
      •  If you want to sync more than one remote, press the SYNC button one by one
    • After the completion of the synchronization process, tap Exit
    • Tap Back > Close HOME Menu to return to the Wii U Menu
    • Now Wii remote is ready to be used with Wii U
  • How to move Nintendo Wii data to Wii U using System Transfer tool

    When you buy a latest version of your Wii i.e. Wii U, you would want to continue with with games which you used to enjoy on the Wii so much. Switching from Wii to Wii U is a bit time consuming. Here is a step by step process which will help you to switch from Wii to Wii U without losing your game data.

    Wii U

    Step I


    • Connect both the systems to your television. (If it has both HDMI and Audio/Video inputs, switch inputs when needed. If it has only Audio/Video inputs then switch the AV Multi Out Plug on your Wii AV Cable or Wii Component Cable between consoles when needed.)
    • Connect both Wii and Wii U to Internet connection, follow THIS GUIDE
    • Go to Wii Shop Channel and download the Wii U Transfer Tool on Wii console with the help of transfer tool icon on from Wii Menu or download it on a SD card. You will have to launch the Wii U Transfer Tool from the SD card menu if you  download it there.

    Step II

    Transfer Part One:

    • Insert the SD card in Wii U
    • From the Menu select the Wii System Transfer tool (Perform the latest System Update if you cannot see the tool)
    • You will need to sync a Wii Remote to the Wii U console. Here is a guide to Sync The Wii Remote
    • Follow the on screen instructions
    • Remove the SD card from the Wii U and insert into Wii and launch the transfer application on Wii 

    Step III

    Transfer Part Two:

    • Follow the on screen instructions during the transfer
    • After the transfer is complete, remove the SD card from the Wii and insert it back into the Wii U console
    • Now confirm and select "Transfer"
    • Follow the on screen instructions
    • At the end of this process your data will be saved on Wii U and will be deleted from SD card
  • How to change, upgrade, replace or install new PS4 HDD and restore data from old HDD

    There may be numerous reasons for which you need to change your HDD on your PS4 system. Some of the gamers use more than one HDD for storing their huge collection of games, while some would want to replace it due to a faulty HDD. If you find your self in a situation where you want to upgrade your PS4 HDD then follow this guide which contains proper steps to upgrade PlayStation 4 Hard Disk Drive.


    Supported Hard Disk Drive

    Sony recommends using only official HDD's for PlayStation 4 system. A 2.5 inch (internal type) with Serial ATA (Parallel ATA is not supported) should be used in PS4.

    Step I

    Backup data

    • You can save your data at two places. First is a USB drive and second on the cloud if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber. 
    • Connect your USb drive and select Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Copy to USB Storage Device
    • Select title, press X  to add a checkmark and then Copy
    • When saving data on the cloud sign in to PSN, it will sync your data. 

    Step II

    Replace your HDD

    • Completely turn off your PS4 system, even the orange light should not be visible. Unplug all the other cables after your remove the AC power cord from the socket
    • Now position the PS4 console horizontally, or in such a way that The PS4 logo is in front of you. Slide the HDD bay covers carefully to the left.
    • To remove the HDD, remove the screw and slowly pull the HDD towards yourself. Remove the screw from four places, using a phillips screwdriver will be ideal. Do not take off the rubber inserts.
    • Place the new HDD on the mounting bracket and attach the screws. Fully attach the HDD to the system using the screw and insert the HDD into its bay. If you lose any of the parts like bay cover, screws, mounting bracket you can contact PlayStation 4 technical support.

    Step III

    Installing the system software

    • After replacing the HDD, system software must be reinstalled. Go through THIS GUIDE for containing steps for downloading and performing the reinstallation update.

    Step IV

    Copying data back into the PS4 system

    Follow these steps to copy saved data from a USB drive to your PS4 system:

    • Connect the USB drive which contains your backup data. Select Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data on USB Storage Device > Copy to System Storage
    • Select title, press X  to add a checkmark and then Copy
    • Sign in with the PSNSM account to sync data from the cloud
  • PlayStation 4: Entertainment besides Gaming: How to play Music, Messaging and Party

    The PlayStation 4 console is not only about gaming. It can turn into one whole entertainment package if all the features are correctly accessed. This gaming beast can make you dance to the rhythm, connect with your friends, share your your gaming experiences and many other fun things.

    PlayStation 4

    Here is a list of this that PlayStation 4 can do besides gaming:


    PlayStation 4 Music

    You can listen to music on PlayStation 4 with the help of Music Unlimited service from the Sony Entertainment Network. Music Unlimited is region specific, it is available only in certain countries and languages. Use the Music Unlimited service with the master account and also save your also save your credit card details as this service is not free.

    Music Unlimited service is set for automatic renewal, to cancel automatic renewal, go to Settings > PSNSM > Account Information > Services List > Cancel Automatic Renewal.


    PlayStation 4 Messaging

    Messages can be sent and received from Friends and your fellow players, also you can select people with whom you want to exchange messages. In case of a sub account, messaging can be controlled using parental controls.
    You can send messages by selecting Messages from function screen, then select create message, select player, enter message and hit send.

    The maximum number of players for sending bulk messages is 99. You can send and receive messages across different PlayStation platforms like PS3 and PS Vita. You can also attach a screenshot to your message, but note that these attachments cannot be sent to PS3 systems. Along with that you also get an option to send a voice message using headset or the microphones on a PlayStation Camera.


    PlayStation 4 Music

    Party on PlayStation 4 is a voice and text chat session with numerous other PlayStation 4 users where a maximum number of 8 players can join a Party. A Party can happen while playing and sharing games. The one who creates a Party becomes the owner of it and can enjoy some privileges like removing players from a Party, by selecting 'Kick Out' by pressing the Options button.

    To create a Party select the headset icon and select create Party, then enter the name of the Party, set players and you are done.
    In a Party you have options to Invite/Suggest, Chat Audio: Prioritize Party, Adjust Audio Mix and Leave This Party. One can also recommend other players that can join the Party, it will be decided by the owner if that person will be allowed in his Party.

  • Xbox One Guide to Manage Internal and External Storage and Games Data

    When you buy new console, it is important that you are well aware of what things your machine can do. You need to know it better for taking full advantage of the bucks you have spent to buy this machine. Its been hardly a year since the launch of Xbox one console. It is packed with more number of features as compared to its predecessor: Xbox 360.

    Xbox One

    Here you will find information on how much storage, free space, deleting data and many more things that your Xbox one console can do:


    Your Xbox One console has a 500GB internal hard drive. Some of this space is reserved for system functions, console software and saved games. If you regularly connect to Xbox Live, your data will be automatically synced with data on the cloud. This will be of great help when you switch to a friends console or a new console altogether. You do not need to be a Xbox Live Gold member to use cloud services.

    Free space:

    To check your free space go to My games & apps from the Home screen. There will be a meter on the left side of the screen which will specify the percent of free and total storage space. Since some of the space is used for system functions and console software, there wont be 100% free space.

    External storage:

    From the Home screen go to My games & apps, select a game or app and press the Menu button of Xbox One, then select Manage Game to view the content by storage device. A compatible external storage drive having 256 GB and more which uses USB 3.0 can be connected to your Xbox One console.  

    Deleting data:

    From the Home screen got to My games & apps, select a game or app you want to delete. Now press the Menu button of Xbox One, then select Manage Game. Under your 
    Saved Data select the saved data for your gamertag and press A on the controller. There will be three options. Delete from console, Delete everywhere and Cancel.

    In case you have mistakenly removed a particular game you can retrieve it from the cloud as only the local copy will be removed if you select Delete from console. 
    Delete everywhere will remove the data from your machine as well as from the cloud. Selecting Cancel will not delete anything.

  • EA Sports UFC Guide: How to Attack, Defend, Offend, Takedowns and Submissions

    Here are official Video Tutorials of Ea Sports UFC on how you can survive better during fights. These are divided in  five categories: Striking, Clinch, Takedowns, Ground and Submissions. EA Sports UFC is powered by Ignite technology, brings the action, emotion and intensity inside the Octagon to life in ways that were never before possible.

    EA Sports UFC

    The next-generation of True Player Motion not only showcases the diverse, powerful and fluid of attacks of elite mixed martial artists through Precision Movement, Dynamic Striking and Strategic Submission Battles, but also brings the combatants to life with a Full Body Deformer and Real-Time Exertion.

    Check out the videos:


    Along with basic and some modified strikes you spice the fight with your own special moves and win the title

    Try to block, parry and evade and you will be in no time learning the ultimate defence for your fighter avatar.


    Try to lock when you get in close and you will be able to take down almost everything. 

    Try to block the whole clinch or try to create distance between you and your opponent and block his strikes while in the clinch.


    If you have become a pro in basics of landing takedowns and power takedowns you will be easily be able to take your opponent to ground.

    The trick is to force them to fight on their feet, just keep standing and withstand whatever comes in


    Try to finish the fight with a submission attempt and land shot on the ground.

    Try to learn the techniques of getting back to your feet, blocking strikes on the ground, stopping transitions and blocking submission attempts


    Check out the video

    If you can, dont let the submission attempt start, if it has try to defend and escape

  • EA Sports UFC Trophy and Achievements guide

    Here is a complete list of EA Sports UFC trophy along with a quick guide to unlock them. There are total 33 trophies in EA Sports UFC, 1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 19 Silver and 10 Bronze trophies that help you gain higher levels. There are no hidden trophies in EA Sports UFC. There are 32 Achievements which add upto 1000 gamescore points.

    EA Sports UFC

    Go through the complete list:

    Platinum Trophy

    The Ultimate Fighter
    Collect all the trophies 

    Gold Trophies

    Gracie Pride
    Game score: 50
    Win 12 consecutive submission in Career

    Game score: 75
    Earn a place in the Hall of Fame in Career on hardest difficulty setting

    There Is No "Try"
    Game score: 75
    Complete all Challenges

    Silver Trophies

    Making Your Mark
    Game score: 25
    5 career fights should be won in a row

    Top of the Mountain
    Game score: 25
    In career win a UFC title

    It’s Showtime!
    Game score: 25
    Through a cage kick knock your opponent out 

    The Art of Eight Limbs
    Game score: 25
    Use left and right punch, kick, knee, and elbow in one round

    I’ll Stand, Thanks
    Game score: 25
    Give five or more takedowns in onw fight

    Do an AMA!
    Game score: 25
    Get 50,000 fans in Career

    The Arm That Feeds
    Game score: 25
    Use Armbar in the first round

    Fight of the Night
    Game score: 25
    In career win the Fight of the Night bonus

    Submission of the Night
    Game score: 25
    Get the Performance of the Night by Submission

    Knockout of the Night
    Game score: 25
    Get the Performance of the Night by Knockout

    A False Sense of Security
    Game score: 50
    In the last 10 seconds of the last round defeat your opponent

    Knockout Season
    Game score: 50
    Knock out every opponent in Championships Season and finish it.

    Submission Season
    Game score: 50
    Submit every opponent in Championships Season and finish it.

    The Prodigy
    Game score: 50
    Win rate should be above 85% when you finish Career 

    To the Wire
    Game score: 50
    On the 10th fight of a Championships season, avoid relegation

    You Earned It
    Game score: 50
    On the 10th fight of a Championships season get promotion

    You Got Somewhere to Be?
    Game score: 50
    Win a fight  in the first 60 seconds, Pit Anderson Silva VS. Chris Weidman at "Beginner" level and use the B button on Xbox One / Circle button on PlayStation 4

    Iron Heart
    Game score: 50
    Finish your opponent in a round where you recover from a stun state

    Stand and Bang
    Game score: 50
    Win without going to the ground or blocking, use only defense here

    Bronze Trophies

    Begin With the End in Mind
    Game score: 5
    Get your first ability in Career

    In the Spotlight
    Game score: 5
    Upload a Highlight Reel to FighterNet

    Friends or Foes?
    Game score: 5
    Complete a Rivalry

    First Blood
    Game score: 10
    Win first fight in career

    To the Top!
    Game score: 10
    In Online Championships get your first promotion

    UFC Contract!
    Game score: 10
    In Career be the Ultimate Fighter

    The Big Time
    Game score: 10
    In Career fight on the main card of UFC event

    #1 Contender!
    Game score: 10
    In career fight for a title

    Iron Chin
    Game score: 10
    Sustain a stun state

    Ahead of the Class
    Game score: 25
    In Championships get an early promotion

  • How to connect to the internet on Nintendo device

    The benefits of connecting to the internet are infinite. You get access to online games stores and can also get them directly on your device. Many games have features that sync your score online and you can see the activity of other gamers too.

    Through internet you can connect to the whole globe with the help your device. For connecting to the internet you will need highspeed Internet connection and wireless router to connect it on your Nintendo device.

    Nintendo Online

    Follow these steps to connect Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS to internet:

    • Go to the HOME menu
    • Select System Settings > Internet Settings > Connection Settings > New Connection 
    • Now you will see a prompt asking if you want help with the Internet connection setup
    • Select Manual Setup > Search for an Access Point 
    • After completing the search tap the name of your wireless access point
    • If prompted, enter your security key with the help of the on screen key broad and tap ok 
    • Select Ok to save setting and again Ok to start the connection test
    • If the connection test is successful you will be connected to the internet
    • If it was not successful, note down the error code.
  • How to update system software on PlayStation 4

    You will need to do a system software update either when you have just bought a new Ps4 system or when you want to replace your hard disk drive. If you are about to perform the update due to some issue, backup your data as the initializing process or system software update of PS4 will delete all the data.

    PlayStation 4

    This procedure requires atleast 900MB of free space, a USB storage device and a computer will internet.

    Follow these steps to update system software on PlayStation 4:

    1. Create a folder named "PS4", inside that create another folder named "UPDATE", on your USB storage device using your computer to save update files.
    2. Click "Download Now" to download the update file
    3. Save the update file in the "UPDATE" folder as "PS4UPDATE.PUP"
    4. Power off your PS4 completely
    5. Connect the USB containing the update file 
    6. Now touch and hold the power button till you hear the second beep. This takes upto 7 seconds and start your system in the safe mode. Here is a guide to start PlayStation 4 in Safe Mode.
    7. Select "Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)" and follow the steps from your console screen

    If you face any problem make sure that the file and folder names are correctly spelt and only the required file is present in the USB drive.