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  • L.A. Noire Achievements & Trophies List

    Friends the wait is over now, Rockstar has just released Trophies and Achievements List for the much awaited and highly anticipated L.A Noire. The game feature a total of 40 achievements/trophies. We have listed below details of each and every achievements/trophies along with tips to achieve it.

    L.A Noire

    Here is the list, check it out:

    The Third Degree
    Correctly branch every question in every interview in a single story case.

    The Hunch
    Use five intuition points in conversation with a single suspect, correctly branching each question.

    Star Map

    Discover all landmark buildings around the city.

    Public Menace
    Rack up $47,000 in penalties during a single story case.

    The Moose
    Tail Candy Edwards from the parking lot to her destination without using cover or going incognito.

    Keep A Lid On
    Complete a brawl without losing your hat as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.

    Auto Enthusiast
    Drive 5 different vehicles.

    Auto Collector
    Drive 40 different vehicles.

    Auto Fanatic
    Drive every vehicle in the city.

    Find and inspect all gold film canisters.

    Plus 9 secret Achievements & Trophies to discover come this May.

  • Dynasty Warriors 7 unlockable characters guide

    Tecmo Koei latest release Dynasty Warriors 7 has lots of new characters which gamers can unlock, and also a mode which adds a replay value to the game. Today we would like to unveils all the Dynasty Warriors 7 unlockables which includes secret characters and many more.

    Dynasty Warrior 7 screen

    Unlockable Characters

    Cai Wenji
    Cai Wenji Legendary Battles 1-3 on Conquest Mode

    Cao Ren
    Cao Ren Legendary Battles 1&2 on Conquest Mode

    Da Qiao
    Da Qiao Legendary Battles 1&2 on Conquest Mode

    Diao Chan
    Diao Chan Legendary Battles 1-3 on Conquest Mode

    Lian Shi
    Lian Shi Legendary Battles 1&2 on Conquest Mode

    Ma Chao
    Ma Chao Legendary Battles 1&2 on Conquest Mode

    Ma Dai
    Ma Dai Legendary Battles 1&2 on Conquest Mode

    Wang Yuanji
    Wang Yuanji Legendary Battles 1&2 on Conquest Mode

    Xiahou Ba
    Xiahou Ba Legendary Battles 1&2 on Conquest Mode

    Xiao Qiao
    Xiao Qiao Legendary Battles 1&2 on Conquest Mode

    Xing Cai

    Xing Cai Legendary Battles 1-3 on Conquest Mode

    Xu Huang
    Xu Huang Legendary Battles 1&2 on Conquest Mode

    Yue Ying
    Yue Ying Legendary Battles 1&2 on Conquest Mode

    Zhen Ji
    Zhen Ji Legendary Battles 1&2 on Conquest Mode

    Zhou Tai

    Zhou Tai Legendary Battles 1&2 on Conquest Mode

    Unlockable Extra

    Red Hare

    Complete the Battle for Supremacy

    Officers in Conquest Mode

    Complete a character’s legendary battle to unlock the Officers in conquest mode.

  • Shift 2: Unleashed Achievements List

    What racing is all about, its about thrills, most important thing the thrill of victory, and Shift 2: Unleashed offers this only.

    Shift 2: Unleashed Achievements list for Xbox 360 is out now. The game features 40 achievements, and we have listed details about each and every achievement. Given below is the list of achievements in Shift 2: Unleashed along with tips and tricks on how to achieve it.

    Shift 2: Unleashed boxart

    Check them out, here is  the list for you:

    Road to Glory 10
    Beaten your first Rival

    Amateur 10
    Reached Driver Level 5

    Reached Driver Level 10

    Pro 50
    Reached Driver Level 15

    Veteran 75
    Reached Driver Level 20

    Proving Grounds 10
    Won JR’s GTR Challenge

    The World is my Oyster 10
    Unlocked the FIA GT1 Branch

    Recommended 5
    Completed an event recommended by a friend

    Cub Scout
    Won your first Event Set badge

    The Driver’s battle 5
    Completed an event purely from helmet cam

    In The Zone 10
    Won an Online event from helmet cam

    Going the extra mile 25
    Completed 250 Event Objectives

    Dominator 100
    Beaten all the Rivals

    Works Champion 50
    Beat Mad Mike Whiddett and won the Works Championship

    GT3 Champion 50
    Beat Patrick Soderlund and won the FIA GT3 European Championship

    GT1 Champion 100
    Beat Jamie Campbell-Walter and won the FIA GT1 World Championship

    Day Walker 50
    Mastered every location in day or dusk

    Night Rider 100
    Mastered every location at night

    Bounty Hunter 20
    Earned $10,000,000 total during your career

    King of the Hill 10
    Won your first Driver Duel Championship crown

    Leno would be proud 10
    Have at least one car from each manufacturer in your garage

    Badge Earner 5
    Earned 10 Badges

    Badge Hunter 10
    Earned 50 Badges

    Badge Collector 50
    Earned 100 Badges

    Workaholic 10
    Upgraded 3 vehicles to Works spec

    Grass Roots 10
    Completed JR’s Grass Roots event

    I. Am. Iron Man. 10
    Placed 1st in 5 consecutive Online events

    Notorious 25
    Played Online for over 10 hours total

    Intercept & Pursue 10
    Completed an Online Catchup Pack and Online Catchup Duel event

    I’m Going To Hollywood! 10
    Got through the Qualifying round in the Driver Duel Championship

    Paparazzi 5
    Shared a photo or replay with others

    Sports License
    Won 25 Career events on Easy difficulty or higher

    Competition License 10
    Won 50 Career events on Medium difficulty or higher

    Race License 50
    Won 75 Career events on Hard difficulty

    Sizzlin’ 10
    Beaten the 1st Target Time in a Hot Lap event

    Elitist 10
    Placed 1st in an event using Elite handling model

    Tic Tac Toe 10
    Own a Modern, Retro, and Muscle car

    Dialled In 10
    Used On-Track Tuning to save a Tuning Setup for a car

    Nailed It 10
    Track Mastered your first location

    Globetrotter 20
    Competed at every location in the game

  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Reverie DLC trophies list

    Gamers who purchased Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Reverie DLC this week will be glad to know that the DLC features a total of six new trophies/achievements that they can unlocked.

    Caslevania: Lords of Shadow

    Given below is the list of trophies that are there in the DLC along with detail guide on how to achieve them. The challenges that gamer need to overcome for getting these trophies are fairly easy.

    Check out the list below:


    Skirmish-Chapter XIII
    Finish the levels from Chapter XIII in Squire difficulty

    Gest-Chapter XIII
    Finish the levels from Chapter XIII in Warrior difficulty


    Crusade-Chapter XIII

    Finish the levels from Chapter XIII in Knight difficulty

    Epic Victory-Chapter XIII

    Finish the levels from Chapter XIII in Paladin difficulty

    Master of the reliquary
    Gather all the finger of Frankenstein

    Trials-Chapter XIII
    Complete all the trials for chapter XIII

  • Tomb Raider Legend PS3 trophies

    Back when Tomb Raider Legend was launched, it was available for all platforms except PS3. This week Tomb Raider Legend will finally launch on Playstation 3 along with bulk of new trophies to unlock.

    Tomb Raider Legend

    Tomb Raider Legend features 1 Platinum, 15 Bronze, 14 Silver, 3 Gold and 7 Hidden (not anymore). We have listed below details of each and every trophies in Tomb Raider Legend below along with tips and tricks to achieve it.


    Master of Tomb Raider: Legend
    Earn all the trophies in Tomb Raider: Legend.


    Most Rewarding

    Collect a reward.

    Style Points

    Kill an enemy by detonating a fuel tank.

    Bronze In Pocket

    Collect 5 common bronze rewards.

    The Professional

    Complete the Bolivian temple without dying.


    Kick the soccer ball against the door of the church in Peru.

    Kill (With) Your Television

    Kill an enemy with a TV monitor.

    Shoot out the 4 flood lights in the water wheel room in level 4.

    Go for the Gold
    Collect 1 gold reward.

    A Bigger Bang
    Kill 2 enemies by detonating a fuel tank.

    Superior Firepower
    Complete Level 3 without using the dual pistols.

    Biggest Bang for the Buck
    Blow up 2 mercinaries with 1 propane tank while riding the motorcycle.

    Just Dandy in the Andes
    Complete the level ‘Bolivia- Tiwanaku’

    Box Cutter

    Destroy 10 boxes while on the motorcycle in Peru.

    Bronze Age Warrior
    Collect 35 common bronze rewards.

    Queen of the Bronze Age
    Collect 60 common bronze rewards.


    Double Style Points
    Kill 2 enemies during the same Aerial Attack

    5 Golden Things
    Collect 5 rare gold rewards.

    30 Pieces of Silver

    Collect 30 precious silver rewards.

    Copper and Tin for the Win
    Collect all bronze rewards.

    You Wear It Well
    Unlock all the outfits.

    Good Time in Level 1
    Complete the first level while in Time Trial mode.

    Good Time in Level 2
    Complete the second level while in Time Trial mode.

    Good Time in Level 3
    Complete the third level while in Time Trial mode.

    Good Time in Level 4
    Complete the fourth level while in Time Trial mode.

    Good Time in Level 5
    Complete the fifth level while in Time Trial mode.

    Good Time in Level 6
    Complete the sixth level while in Time Trial mode.

    Good Time in Level 7

    Complete the seventh level while in Time Trial mode.

    You Got the Silver
    Collect all silver rewards.

    A Job Well Done
    Complete the game on Explorer or Adventurer difficulty.


    The Hard Way
    Complete the game on Tomb Raider difficulty.

    Gold Hoarder
    Collect all gold rewards.

    Have a Good Time All the Time
    Complete all levels while in Time Trial mode.


    Back in the Day

    Complete the level ‘Peru- Return to Paraiso.’

    Thank you, Tokyo. Goodnight!
    Complete the level ‘Tokyo- Meeting with Takamoto.’

    This is Ghana Be Good
    Complete the level ‘Ghana- Pursuing James Rutland.’

    Great Briton
    Complete the level ‘ England- King Arthur’s Tomb?’

    The Cold War Kid
    Complete the level ‘Nepal- The Ghalai Key.’

    Survival of the Fittest
    Survive against Rutland for more than 5 minutes.

    History Buff

    Listen to the tale of King Arthur.

  • The 3rd Birthday Secret Costumes and Unlockables Guide

    The third installment in Parasite Eve series, "The 3rd Birthday" features tons of secrets that gamers need to uncovered. We would like to present to you all the secrets along with the hint on how to unlock it. Players will be able to unlock costumes and secret modes.

    The 3rd Birthday

    The 3rd Birthday is slated to launch on PSP on  March 29, check out the list of unlockables below:


    New Game Plus
    Simply beat the game.

    Access the Cheat Menu
    There will be a lot of cheats available after the player finishes the game. The cheats available can be turned on or off on the New Game Plus+.

    Secret Ending
    Clear the game twice and the secret ending will appear after the end credits rolled.

    Unlocking M240B Weapon
    Beat the game twice in Hard Mode.

    Unlocking M249 Weapon
    Beat the game in any of the three preset modes.

    Unlocking MK. 46 MOD 0
    Beat the game in Normal difficulty.


    Santa Soldier Costume
    Clear the game once on any mode. The costume can be found in Maeda’s base inside the locker.

    Lightning Costome Costume
    Currently Unknown

    China Dress Costume

    Clear the game on Normal mode.

    Business Suit Costume
    Clear the game on any mode. The costume can be found inside the CTI building in the left hand locker room.

    Swim Suit Costume
    Clear the game on Hard Mode

    Titanium Bunny Costume

    Clear the game on Genocide mode

    Apron Dress Costume

    Clear the game on Easy Mode

    OD Suit Costume

    Currently unknown

    Secret Game Modes

    Deadly Mode
    Complete the game on Hard Mode

    Genocide Mode
    Complete the game on Deadly mode

  • Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars PS3 trophies list

    Lego Star War III: The Clone Wars has been revealed by Lucas Arts. The game features in total 49 trophies, out of these 49 trophies, 26 are Bronze, 6 Silver, 2 Gold, 1 Platinum and 14 hidden.

    Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars features new battle modes, unique head to head combat and improved level builder which allow players to create their own customized bases and in-game battlefields. Players play either as a Jedi or a Seperatist. Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is slated to launch on March 22 in United States, and March 25 in Europe.

    Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

    We have listed below details of all the trophies along with the tips to achieve it. Check them out:


    This is just the beginning!
    Complete Genosian Arena.

    The pleasure is all mine my dear
    Complete The Hidden Enemy.

    Okay clankers, suck lasers!
    Complete Ambush.

    Me'sa rescued you

    Complete Gungan General.

    Are all Jedi so reckless?

    Complete Jedi Crash.

    There goes my promotion
    Complete Defenders of Peace.

    Oops. What happened?
    Complete Blue Shadow Virus.

    Follow me, boys!
    Complete Duel of the Droids.

    Torpedoes away!
    Complete Shadow of Malevolence.

    Abandon ship!
    Complete Destroy Malevolence.

    R6 take me home

    Complete Lair of Grievous.

    Not so tough now are ya Sparky?
    Complete Rookies.

    We live to fight another day

    Complete Grievous Intrigue.

    That's no moon
    Complete Battle of Genosis.

    You can have my ship!
    Complete Storm Over Ryloth.

    Time to take the capital
    Complete Innocents of Ryloth.

    Complete Liberty on Ryloth.

    Tank 'n' Spank
    Complete Weapons Factory.

    Another bug hunt

    Complete Legacy of Terror.

    What a Rotta!
    Complete Castle of Doom.

    Sure, as long as I get paid
    Complete Hostage Crisis.

    Zillo Tolerance
    Complete Zillo Beast.

    Viceroy of the fleet
    Convert every system to CIS. (Single Player Only)

    Admiral of the fleet
    Convert every system to the Republic. (Single Player Only)

    The dark side I sense in you
    Free all villains from the Resolute brig. (Single Player Only)

    Saberang Master

    Use Yoda to defeat 5 enemies with one lightsaber throw.


    A presence I've not felt since
    Collect all minikits. (Single Player Only)

    Isn't negotiation the Jedi way?
    Complete all Bounty missions. (Single Player Only)

    Jango's army!
    Unlock/purchase all 'Clone' characters. (Single Player Only)

    Clanker collector
    Unlock/purchase all 'Droid' characters. (Single Player Only)

    Jedi Master
    True Jedi every level. (Single Player Only)


    Collect all Red Power Bricks. (Single Player Only)


    Impressive, most impressive
    Complete the game to 100% (Single Player Only)

    Stealth wealth
    Collect all Gold bricks. (Single Player Only)


    14 Hidden Trophies


    The Chosen One
    Collect all Trophies.

  • WWE All Stars PS3 trophies

    A complete trophies list for THQ's upcoming arcade-style wrestling game title WWE All Stars is out now. The game feature a total of 46 trophies out of which 30 are Bronze, 7 Silver, 3 Gold, 1 Platinum and 5 Hidden. Details of each and every trophies is listed below along with tips and tricks to earn it.

    WWE All Stars is slated to launch on March 29 in North America, and on April 1 in Europe.

    WWE All Stars


    Beating the Odds
    Win a Handicap match.

    Born to Fly
    Perform 10 successful aerial moves in a regular singles match.

    Breaking the Rules

    Complete Path of the Tag Team Champions with Any Superstars.

    Chain Gang
    Perform a combo at least five moves in length.

    Comeback of the Year
    Win a match When Your Superstar is at zero health.

    Win a match without losing Against the CPU Any health.

    Enhancement Talent

    Win 10 online matches.

    Facing the Deadman
    Complete Path of Champions with the Legends Any Superstar.

    Five Moves of Doom

    Execute signature moves in a single match.

    Five Star Rating
    Achieve a five star rating in Any category while facing the CPU.

    He's Got a Chair!
    Land at least 10 successful strikes with an object in a single match.

    In the Spotlight
    Win an online match.

    Last Man Standing
    Win a Fatal 4 Way Elimination match.

    Layeth the Smacketh Down!
    Win a match in under 2 minutes.

    Make Them Humble
    Win 25 matches by knockout.

    Man of 1000 Holds
    Win a match without using Any strikes.

    Mark of Excellence
    Earn a gold medal match in Any type while facing the CPU.

    Mega Powers
    Win a Tornado Tag Team match as Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage.

    Mid Carder
    Win 25 online matches.

    Over the Top
    Win a Steel Cage match.

    Punch Drunk
    Land at least 100 strikes in a singles match in Any mode.

    Reversal of Fortune
    Perform at least 5 grapple reversals During a match.

    Rising Star

    Any Full Path of Champions with a created Superstar.

    Showing Them How It's Done

    Defeat a Superstar with a Legend.

    Suck It
    Win a Tornado Tag Team match as Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

    The Apex Predator
    Complete Path of Champions with the Superstars Any Superstar.

    The New Face of Cyberspace
    Defeat a created Superstar in an online match with your own created Superstar.

    The New Generation
    Defeat a Legend with a Superstar.

    The Next WWE Superstar
    Make a created Superstar.

    Totally Extreme!
    Win an Extreme Rules match.


    Legend Killer
    Complete all Fantasy Warfare matches as a WWE Superstar.

    Old School
    Complete all Fantasy Warfare matches as a WWE Legend.

    Running Wild
    Perform 50 successful finishers in Any mode over the course of the game.

    Win a match without using Any grapples.

    The Bottom Line
    All Stars Defeat the Entire WWE roster with a single created Superstar.

    The Champ is Here!
    Complete all three Path of Champions as John Cena.

    The King of Kings
    All Stars Defeat the Entire WWE roster as Triple H.


    Main Eventer
    Win 50 online matches.

    The Ultimate Achievement
    Defeat all three and the Entire Roster Path of Champions as The Ultimate Warrior.

    You Can not See Me!
    Win 10 consecutive online matches.


    5 Hidden Trophy


    Obtain all trophies.

  • Crysis 2 Achievements List for Xbox 360

    The launch of Crytek's Sci-Fi shooting game title Crysis 2 is just around the corner, but the complete achievements list for it is out now. There are in total 50 achievements in the game, out of which 49 are regular and one secret achievement. We have listed below all the achievements in the game, along with hint to earn it.

    Crysis 2

    Check out the list below:

    Regular Achievements

    Can It Run Crysis?
    Complete “In at the Deep End.”

    Foreign Containment 10
    Escape the Battery Park evacuation center.

    More Than Human 15
    Assimilate alien tissue at the crash site.

    False Prophet 15
    Find Nathan Gould.

    Internal Affairs 15
    Infiltrate the CELL facility at Wall Street.

    Into the Abyss 20
    Infiltrate the alien hive.

    Once a Marine, Always a Marine 20
    Assist the Marines in Madison Square

    Hung Out to Dry 20
    Reach the Hargreave-Rasch building

    Fire Walker 25
    Assist the evacuation at Bryant Park

    Dark Night of the Soul 25
    Defend Central Station

    Crossroads of the World 25
    Complete the evacuation at Times Square.

    Theseus at Last 25
    Locate Jacob Hargreave.

    Home Stretch 25
    Reach Central Park.

    Start Spreading the News
    Finish the single player campaign on any difficulty.

    City That Never Sleeps
    Complete 6 levels on Veteran difficulty.

    Evolution 25
    Complete 12 levels on Veteran difficulty

    Heart of Darkness. 25
    Complete 6 levels on Supersoldier difficulty

    Medal of Honor 25
    Complete 12 levels on Supersoldier difficulty.

    Men of Destiny 45
    Complete the single player campaign on Veteran difficulty

    Supersoldier 65
    Complete the single player campaign on Supersoldier.

    Close Encounters 15
    Single Player: Stealth kill 25 enemies.

    The Tourist 15
    Find all New York Souveniers.

    Fastball 15
    Kill 10 enemies with grab and throw

    Death Grip 15
    Kill 10 enemies with grab and throw.

    Popcorn 15
    Single Player: Kill 20 enemies with the Microwave cannon.

    Two Heads Are Better Than One 15
    Single Player: Kill two enemies with a single bullet

    Blast Radius 15
    Single Player: Kill at least 3 enemies with a single grenade.

    Headhunter 15
    Single Player: Kill 4 enemies in a row with headshots

    Death Slide 15
    Single Player: Kill 5 enemies while sliding.

    Food For Thought 10
    Kill a CELL operator with a giant donut in Lower Manhattan.

    Hole in One 10
    Throw an alien down the sinkhole in Dark Heart.

    Band of Brothers 15
    Keep all marines alive during the rescue in Semper Fi or Die.

    Literary Agent 10
    Scan all of Richard Morgan’s books in the NY public library.

    Stealth Assassin
    Re-route the power in Eye of the Storm without being detected.

    Crysis, What Crysis? 35
    Multiplayer: Reach Rank 50

    League of Your Own 25
    Multiplayer: Finish top of the Scoreboard

    Dressed to Kill 30
    Multiplayer: Fully level up the Nanosuit.

    Tooled Up 30
    Multiplayer: Unlock all the weapons.

    The Cleaner 25
    Get 1 of each Skill Kill.

    Cry Spy 25
    Multiplayer: Get 30 Spot Assists

    Jack of All Trades 25
    Multiplayer: Win a match of every game mode.

    Dedication 25
    Play online 6 months after your first time.

    Modern Art
    Unlock 150 Dog Tag displays.

    Try Me 10
    Complete 3 Xbox LIVE matches

    The Collector 15
    Collect 20 Dog Tags

    Maximum Module 20
    Multiplayer: Fully level a Suit Module.

    Team Player
    Be in a squad of at least 3 people and play a full game.

    Nomad 10
    Multiplayer: Play a full game on every map.

    I Am Not A Number
    Create your first custom class.

    Secret Achievements

    Secret Achievement 10
    Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

  • How to Recover Gamertag on Xbox 360

    Gamertag works as a identifier for owners of Xbox 360 on Xbox Live service when they make use of online feature such as playing multiplayer games or downloading content. The gametag that Xbox 360 owner select is stored on console's memory unit, but in some cases for example lost of memory unit, gamers need to recover the Gamertag inorder to access Xbox Live identity again.

    Xbox 360

    Xbox 360 consist of an inbuilt utility which gamers can make use for recovering Gamertag. Given below is the step by step procedure on How you can recover your Gamertag on Xbox 360:

    Step 1:
    Press Xbox 360 "Guide" button and then press "X" button on controller. Choose "Yes, Sign Out" option inorder to sign out of account, currently signed in.

    Step 2: Now Press Xbox 360 "Guide" button again, after that select "Recover Gamertag" on Xbox 360 Home Menu and press "A" button.

    Step 3:
    Press "A" button again to confirm  that you want to recover your Gamertag. Feed the information asked for verification and recover your Gamertag.