01011000 – Deus Ex Mankind Divided Side Mission Walkthrough

01011000 is the seventh side mission(SM06) you get in Deus Ex Mankind Divided. In this mission, Jensen will need to find the glitch which will lead him to another mission to find the missing data and the memory card reader, but it won’t be easy as there are a couple of more enemies out there looking for the same.

01011000 Walkthrough

SM06 – 01011000 Walkthrough

In order to start this mission, you must travel to Davny District and you’ll find a glitched panel while getting out of the station. Interact with the poster and you’ll find the POI marked on your map. Enter the Pawn Shop outside Capek Fountain Station and enter the basement to interact with the Laptop. Start the messenger to chat with Helle and know more about the Memory.

Retrieve Helle’s Package

Head towards the marked location which will take you to a tourism building. This will be easy you need to use your Smart Vision to locate the vent, take down the three armed guards then use the Keypad code provided by Helle to open the door and retrieve the Memory.

Find the Reader at Future-Past Antiky

Head out of the build and follow the next marked location(Pilgrim Station) which is a Antiquities store. Talk to the person inside and try to talk more to suspect clerk which will make him pull the gun. You can take him down then head down to the basement and grab the memory reader.

Access the data at the Safe House

Helle will ask you to head back to your apartment and then look at the Memory as there are a couple of more enemies searching for it. Simply get back to your apartment and interact with the Disc. Watch the cutscene and interact with Helle to know more about her existence. Thus completing the side missions and you can check our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Wiki Guide to know more about the game collectible locations, tips, tricks, keycodes, Passwords and much more.