10 Best Survival on Tatooine Tips and Ticks for Star Wars Battlefront Beta

 10 Best Survival on Tatooine Tips and Ticks for Star Wars Battlefront Beta

Star Wars Battlefront Beta offers you with different missions and survival stages. Tatooine is on of the Survival stages you get your hands on. During your play in Tatooine, your main objective is to hold off waves of Imperial forces including AT-STs, elite stormtroopers, and others. So to Survive in such Stage here we have 10 best Survival Tips and Tricks in Tatooine for Star Wars Battlefront Beta.

Star Wars Battlefront Beta

For A successful survival on Tatooine, you must follow these tips and get it done with no pain.

Survive The 6 Waves:

In Star Wars Battlefront Beta, you have six different waves from the Imperial Soldiers. With the number of waves you defend the enemies carry better weapons /equipment and the attack are also more aggressive. To Defend such waves, you need to use the blaster to pick off weaker stormtroopers and save your heavy ammos for the stronger foes which are yet to come.

Search for power-ups:

After the second wave is over the Drop pods are sent your way with some addon lives and charge pickup which you must collect these resources whenever the opportunity arises. Every Item you pick up will provide you with some useful tips so make sure you pick up maximum possible.

Focus on the scanner and stay away from being surrounded:

If you keep your eye on the scanner you’ll know where exactly the Imperial forces will be approaching from. Now be careful and avoid getting pinned by the enemies against the wall as this might create more difficult t o escape when you’re surrounded by all sides. To Avoid, this always looks for narrow routes that may only offer a single choke.

Hidden collectibles:

There are total 5 hidden collectibles in the Survival Missions which can be spawned anywhere in the environment. The Hidden Collectibles are white, diamond-shaped icons. Be careful during your Loadout as you might require the Jump Pack to collect them if they are floating high in the air. They majorly spawn floating against the sky, deep in a cave, against a cliff, or even outside map boundaries where you need to be active and collect them all.


Use of all power-ups, Star Cards, and turrets:

Whenever you’ll get the opportunity to arises and claim drop pods or strengthen your arsenal. Just Use everything you got at your disposal and defeat the hordes of Imperial forces. Doing so will save more powerful weaponry for later waves.

Claiming Drop pod:

Imperial infantry members can steal the drop pod anytime and disable it. So make sure Before receiving the power-ups inside, you must always claim a drop pod. Your foes cannot claim it until you have started the process, so simply save it for the later part. When the power-ups pop out after the successful claiming the pod they will remain there until someone picks it up or lets the mission ends. This can majorly use later during the tougher waves starts.

The Loadout:

Selecting of blasters and two preset Star Card Hands from the start is very crucial in each survival mission. I recommend selection of the weapons and equipment should be done on the type of enemies you are facing and map layout. A weapon with a high rate of fire and damage is useful for a map with narrow corridors. A long-range blaster will be good ranged maps. For collecting the collectibles, Jump Packs provide a quick movement around some environments.

No time for the canyon floor:

There is a great opportunity to get the vantage points over the canyon floor by making it dangerous when running between the bluffs. By setting up high above when Imperial forces pour into the valley, but do not spend much time on the canyon floor as the infantry forces will eventually pick you off from distant terrain or charge the high ground. So there is an advantage but not safe to spend more time waiting.

Star Card Hand Use:

Jump Pack are available in both the Star Card Options in Survival on Tatooine. make sure you pick them up as they are very useful when traversing the steep cliffs of the canyon or while hunting for the 5 hidden collectibles. Against the vehicles make use of the Annihilator and Ion Torpedo for locking a vehicle from a long distance of the canyon floor. Personal Shield is good to keep you safe from blaster fire. Ion Shot pairing with Barrage turns out to be good against groups of infantry. In the end, it all varies on the personal preferences.

Watch your step:

Around the map boundary, there are steep drops which you should be aware of while traversing the high cliffs of Tatooine. Once you’re on the other side of the cliff then it is very difficult to get out. If you have the Jump Pack with the rocket with you then no worries it will help you, but without that it’s very difficult. You have 10 seconds to return to play if you are fallen out of the combat zone. If so then use the thrust of the Jump Pack to boost you back into the game, so just be calm and it will be done.