12 New Destiny: House Of Wolves Wanted Bounties Location Discovered

 12 New Destiny: House Of Wolves Wanted Bounties Location Discovered

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Destiny: House of Wolves Guide On 12 New Wantd Bounties Location. A reddit user has discovered 12 new Destiny: House of Wolves Wantd Bounties. We have listed below all 12 new Destiny: House of Wolves Wanted Bounties along with their location. Check them out. I know there is lot of confusion going in your mind right now related to these 12 new Destiny: House of Wolves Wanted Bounties, and some of them is: “Are these bounties available? If so where do I pick them up? If not, any idea when they will be?”

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Here is the answer to these queries: “Not all but some of them are available, the rest will be made available in near future, you can practice to know the place and have some tokens, you can pick them from petra in the reef, they refresh every rest.”

Here is the entire list of new Destiny: House of Wolves Wanted Bounties:

Wolf Enforcer: Patrol cosmodrome – head to the area where you face the devil walker in “The Devils’ Lair” strike, look at your left

Silent Fang: patrol cosmodrome – head to “forgotten shores” then go straight to “The grottos”

Queenbreaker Capatin: patrol cosmodrome – head to “dock 13” – its the area before “the Divide”

High servitor: patrol moon – head to “temple of crota”

Twisted Claw: patrol moon – head down to the area before you meat “Phogoth” in “The Summoning Pits” strike and go to the right

Wolfs’ Guard: patrol Venus – head to “Waking Ruins” area which is the Vault of Glass entrance – go to “campus 9”

Ether Runner: patrol venus – head to the area when you meat “The gate lord” in “Eye of the gate lord” story mission

Repeater Shank: patrol venus – go to the area that you first spawn in “the nexus” strike

Interesting NOTE: If you are in need of Tokens, the Queenbreaker Captain in Dock 13 can be very easily farmed.

For those who are unaware of what exactly the tokens is: Tokens of Judgment, Tokens of Flight, and Tokens of Identity are used at House of Judgment rank 1, 2, and 3 respectively to purchase class items, ships, and shaders respectively from Variks in the Reef. They can drop as rewards in the Prison of Elders or from any of the special named Fallen featured in any of the Wanted bounties. If they drop in the world, they appear as purple engrams.

List of Four House of Wolves Bounties: These are not live yet, I’m assuming in the next week or weeks we’ll have them available:

Wanted: Veliniks, the Ravenous: Hunt Veliniks, the Ravenous in the Hellmouth on the Moon.

Wanted: Skoriks, Archon-Slayer: Hunt Skoriks, Archon-Slayer on the Moon

Wanted: Pirsis, Pallas-Bane: Hunt Pirsis, Pallas-Bane in the Cosmodrome’s Divide

Wanted: Grayor, Wolf Assassin: Hunt Grayor, Wolf Assassin in the Cosmodrome’s Mothyards