17 Best Tom Clancy’s The Division Tips and Tricks From Ubisoft For Beginners

 17 Best Tom Clancy’s The Division Tips and Tricks From Ubisoft For Beginners

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Tom Clancy’s The Division will arrive on retail shelves across the globe on March 8. I know many of you have already tried out the closed alpha, closed beta and open beta of the game and are very well aware of the facts and how things exactly work in the game. But for those who will be playing the Tom Clancy’s The Division for the very first time (Beginners) here is a list of 17 tips you need to know in the New York City.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Take Cover:

The Division is a cover-based shooter, which means you’re an easy target if you stay out in the open. Move from cover to cover and protect yourself during combat.


Your character can equip up to 3 weapons: a primary, a secondary as well as a side arm. Switch to any of them at any time and remember to reload often.

Use Med Kits:

If you’re running low on health, you can use Med Kits to get quick health before going back into the fight.

Use Skills:

Our game is an RPG and as such, skills will make all the difference in combat. Your character can equip up to 2 skills (3 if we consider the signature skill you will acquire later in the game), and you can switch between them out whenever you feel like changing playstyle. To equip your skills, open the Main Menu and go to the Abilities Section.

Grenades Wheel:

If you want to surprise your enemy from long range, using grenade is a great idea. There are three different types of grenade that you can find in the game and you can select the one you prefer through Grenades wheel. To activate Grenades Wheel on Xbox/PS4: Hold Left on the D-Pad, and on PC Hold the G KEY.

Consumable Wheel:

While exploring, you may find consumables on your way. Those affect your gameplay, improving some of your stats for a limited amount of time. You can access your Consumables Wheel by holding right on the D-Pad (Xbox One and PS4) or the V key on PC.

  • Explosive Bullets: Impact Causes localized explosion and Damage
  • Incendiary Bullets: Chance to light target on fire
  • Canned Food: +40% healing effect
  • Energy Bar: Removes Status Effects
  • Water: +20% Damage to Elite enemies
  • Soda: +30% Skill Cooldown reduction

World Map:

The World Map is an augmented reality tool that you can use to explore our open world. You can open it anytime to select missions or set waypoints.

Fast Travel:

If a location is too far from you and you feel like you don’t have time to run there, you can use the fast travel option. You can fast travel to a mission (once you have completed it) to Safe House, to your Base of Operations to Camp Hudson or to your team players if you are grouped up with them.

Base of Operations:

The Base of Operations is your fortress in the wilderness. It is also a visual representation of you taking back New York. Once you free the Base from the starting Siege, you have to put back online its three main wings. These will unlock the first 3 Medical, Security and Tech Main Missions on your World Map. The more missions you complete, the more facilities you’ll be able to restore within the Base of Operations. The more facilities you restore, the more upgrades your character will earn in the Base you can also find vendors, side mission giver, situation board, your player stash and much more.

Safe Houses:

There are several Safe Houses in New York where you can group up with other fellow agents. These are Fast Travels points where you can find vendors, side missions givers, situation boards and your player stash.


The Division is set in mid-crisis which means the city is still populated. While exploring, you may find on your way some civilians in need. If you help them, they can drop some interesting loot for you.

Side Missions:

Side Missions help you restore order in the city. You can find side missions givers in many places in the world.


Encounters are tied to a physical location in the world and they appear once you bump into them or on your World Map once you check out the Situation Board (there is one at Camp Hudson and one in the Base of Operations for instance)


There is plenty of evidence and field data scattered throughout the world. If you find them, not only do you progress in finding out what happened in the New York city, but you also earn XP. Below a list of Intel items that you can discover:

  • Found Footage
  • Virus Report
  • Surveillance Data
  • Survival Guide Page
  • Phone Recordings
  • Incident Reports
  • Crashed Drones
  • Missing Agents Files
  • ECHOs


At its core, The Division is a cooperative experience. Stick together and you’ll live longer. In combat revive your download teammates by getting close to them and bringing them back into the game.

Synergize with team players:

When approaching an encounter, you are more effective as a team if you strategically sync before shooting. Each of you can tactically equip your skills so that each skill effectively complements the other members of your team.

Tag Enemies:

Use pulse to tag enemies so that your teammates can see them too.

These were everything about the beginners and if you want to know more about the game then do check out our The Division Wiki page.