20 Best Beginners Tips and Tricks for Down to One

Down to One is a survival shooter, interactive, open-world environment video-game. The player must know how to survive, and eliminate other competitors over the course of a brutal round. This Down to One Guide Beginners Top 20 Basic Tips and Tricks which will help you survive longer.

20 Best Beginners Tips and Tricks

You must know your Map and learn to use the environment from the start to survive longer and eliminate your foes. As you start the game, you will be set in the lobby room called Northern Outlook which will obviously vary on which mode you select to play with. To improve your shooting try using the Deathmatch server and practice. So with Out any Further Ado here are the Top 20 Tips and Tricks, you can use in Down to One.

Down to One Top 20 Beginners Tips and Tricks

  1. Go to “Perks & customization” in the Main Menu to Custom your player and choose your perks.
  2. Look at the top-left corner of the screen to know your current location and weather you are in a “hot zone” or not.
  3. Keep a track on your Dehydration level along with food level and health level for longer survival.
  4. Avoid the Rocky Mountains as there are snakes which can hurt you real bad.
  5. If you go out of Ammo then look for the Rock to throw and avoid getting killed
  6. While using G36C scope press “/” to change views and Headshot means insta-kill.
  7. Use F1,2,3,4,5 and 6 in-game and get surprised
  8. When running low in health, your aiming will be affected
  9. Loot is constantly respawned so know the best location.
  10. A radio walkie-talkie is the best way to know the nearest player is in exchange of 2000 credits
  11. Win extra cash if you can bet in which player is going to win.
  12. Perks have a very important role in the game so go search for more.
  13. If you enemies are close to you than a Hip fire is pretty accurate.
  14. Listen for snake aggro sound, to know if someone is close
  15. The dome will start shrinking when there are last 2-3 people left.
  16. A decent loadout can be 2 food, 2 drink, 2 bandages and 1 gun magazine Better be prepared.
  17. Stay close to the houses to take an easy cover.
  18. Don’t you even think of attacking player while unarmed.
  19. Keep moving and Don’t stay for too long in the same place.
  20. No need to use a knife when you can use a pistol