2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Cheats Codes and Tips

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa cheats, codes, hints. 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Unlockables Codes, Achievement List and Tips.

Unlock Codes

From the main menu, select in My 2010 FIFA World Cup menu Extras EA then Unlockable and click on Enter Code.

Then enter any of the codes see below:



Adidas Ultimate 11 and Classic 11 teamsWSBJPJYODFYQIIGK
African Dance celebrationKBRRWKUIRSTWUJQW
Baby Cradle celebrationUGSIMLBHLFPUBFJY
Dying Fly celebrationDVMNJPBTLHJZGECP
River Dance celebrationMIKAKPUMEEWNTQVE
Side Slide celebrationVNDWDUDLMGRNHDNV
Speed Skating celebrationLHEHJZTPYYQDJQXB
The Flying Dive celebrationDBQDUXQTRWTVXYDC
The Prancing Bird celebrationTWVBIXYACAOLGOW

How to perform the celebrations:

  • LT + B – African Dance
  • LT + A – Baby Cradle
  • LT + Y – Flying Dive
  • RB + A – Ice Skating
  • RB + B – Prancing Bird
  • RB + X – River Dance
  • RB + Y – Side Slide

Achievements List