5 Tips And Tricks Final Fantasy Explorers Beginners Will Love

Final Fantasy Explorers is now available for Nintendo 3DS players and, despite being presented in a more user friendly graphics and fashion, it is still a Final Fantasy game worked on by Square Enix. So, there might be something you need to know before embarking on this new journey. Ready to look at our tips and tricks for beginners, then? Here we go.

Final Fantasy Explorers


It could look obvious but many ignore the fact that abilities are stronger than physical attacks you can perform from the start off. You can learn more at the Center Crystals. At the beginning of the game you will have the Moonlight Blade ability equipped, be sure you use it as soon as you can. By saying “as soon as you can” we man you need to look at the red bar beneath the ability number – it’s the cooldown period after each time you activate the ability.


Final Fantasy Explorers strives to make non playing characters finally useful. Each time you complete a quest, then, look around for all the NPC you see and talk to them, as many are or have something you wouldn’t expect NPC to be or have in regular role playing games. Sometimes, it will also be possible for you to get gifts from those characters. Generosity is not the rarest thing in Final Fantasy Explorers, so don’t really forget about this tip.


Armor is particularly important in Final Fantasy Explorers. The game will give you a chance to upgrade it whenever you want at the workshop in the hub: our tip is to do that as many times as you can, together with accessories and weapons. Check for vendors and the hub itself since for each quest you complete there will be something new to be offered, with stronger equipment being released at an impressive rate. Be sure you always have a good amount of resources with you, materials and Gil are not rare but neither something you are willing to waste.


Side quests have an important role in Final Fantasy Explorers, although not the exact one we are used to. The game will require you to spend Gil, the ordinary currency of the game, in order to accept and embark on side quests. By completing side quests you get CP, Crystal Points you can use to upgrade your abilities and earn new ones, so you can make your character stronger. You will be prompted to complete as many of them as you can so you can have an easier time with the story missions.


Resonance is something you will want to be really careful about, as it makes your ability more powerful when in combat. It’s remarked by a number count near the crystal you have at the top left of your Nintendo 3DS screen: your job here is to make that count as close as possible to 100. Doing this you will have a bigger chance to activate Crystal Surge, a status that buffs temporarily your ability attacks and ultimately reveals useful against boss and monsters you wouldn’t usually beat.