5 Useful Tips and Tricks For Level 30+ Pokemon GO Players

 5 Useful Tips and Tricks For Level 30+ Pokemon GO Players

Welcome Pokemon Trainer to the Level 30 Bracket. The Journey till now must have been hard where you might be exhausted of catching and evolving the same old Pokemons again and again. Simply go through this Tips and Tricks guide which will allow you to take one step further and enjoy the game in all new method. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Tips and Tricks.

5 Useful Tips and Tricks For Level 30+

Level 30+ Pokemon GO Tips and Tricks


We know you all very well aware of the basics, but just to make it in the right sense we would like to share the Expert Tips. So starting with your inventory where you might have almost maxed out and simply try to delete every now and then. To take care of that, try to get rid of the items like Pokeball(if hunting) or portions(if farming Pokecoins). As you will be farming these items time and again at every pokestop so let’s just get rid of them once and for all.

Making it Faster

Everyone knows the best you of the Lucky Egg to boost the XP. So you tried evolving around 40-50 Pokemons in 30 minutes? What if you can evolve around 80-100 Pokemons if you try to skip the animation. To do so simply evolve the Pokemon and once it gets to the Evolution Animation, try to reset your app. Boom the faster your evolution gets the more XP your farm. Similarly, try this with the Egg hatching and catching Pokemon to save more time.

Tips While Traveling

If you are using any Public or private transport and want to farm PokeBalls and Potions then make sure you tab the Pokestop before the transport reaches that place and once you get there simply spin(Don’t wait for the warning to go, just Spin). Also, don’t forget to put your egg for hatching, be it 2k, 5k or 10k, the transport speed sometimes does count if you don’t shut your app immediately.

Catching and Pokemon Spawn

Try to Contact your Friends to know which Pokemon spawn frequently near their place and you can plan your farming accordingly. We personally recommend catching every Pokemon when spawned as are not just for adding to your evolution batch, but don’t forget they also provide you Stardust. The Spawn time for Pokemon depends on the Rarity and conditions:

  • Lure Pokemons – 3 Min
  • Wild Pokemons – 15 Min

Farming PokeCoins

You are Level 30 and you have a responsibility to help your Teammates and friends to take controls of the nearby GYMs. You must be having a good amount of high-level Pokemon so help them to fight, make them understand how it works and support your Team to claim their area. Here are some Basic Tips:

  • Switch Pokemon when almost dead
  • Learn Rival Pokemon’s Moveset and switch accordingly
  • Higher Ranking Gym takes Time so built it a Low-Traffic area
  • Lastly, The Expert Trick – Dodge and Attack

Don’t forget to enjoy with your friends and this was all basic tricks for Level 30+ players. Do check our Pokemon Go Wiki Guide to know the expert tricks, tips and more.