8 Best Street Fighter V Tips and Tricks For Survival Mode

Street Fighter V ships tomorrow complete with a Survival Mode for you to enjoy if simple combats are not what you are searching for from this game. Here’s a rush of tips for you to get the most from this new Mode coming with the latest Street Fighter game by Capcom.

Street Fighter V Survival Mode

Completing the entire course in the Survival Mode will allow you to have a re bonus at the end. If you want to have a high score, you should not give up midway. It looks pretty tough, and it is, but you will also have Battle Supplements at your disposal, so you can clear a course easier than it looks.

A score bonus will also be provided for those users who KO their opponent with EX Special Moves and Critical Arts; by the way, this bonus will be assigned to those players who are executing a KO to opponents who are not guarding when they complete their Special Moves. You can use Battle Supplements at the beginning of the match so you have your Critical Gauce filled from the startup.

You have to be aggressive from the very first second in the match if you want to complete it the fastest way possible. The faster you complete the battle, the higher is your score at the end of it.

Street Fighter V assigns you a bonus in case you end the Survival Mode course with full life bar. You can use a Battle Supplement at the beginning of the match to raise your defense or recover life, as the more life you have at the end of the match the higher your score is.

An aggressive playstyle is something you will always be awarded for. Get the first hit and you will get a score bonus; stun your opponent and you will get a bonus as well.

Each time you clear a stage you get points; a bonus is provided each time you complete ten stages, so you could also consider using Battle Supplements to try and stay in the game longer.

We said “you could also consider using Battle Supplements”, not “use Battle Supplements!!!”. This difference is pretty slight but allows you not to depend on those and have a higher score at the end of the course. This is because using Battle Supplements decreases your final score.

Tip 8
Battle Supplement lineup has various effects on the way you fight through the course. The better the effect, the more your score is decreased. The lineup is random, also, so watch out for the supplements you decide to include in it before you start the Survival Mode.

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