A High Price to Pay – Watch Dogs 2 Walkthrough – Side Operation 1

A High Price to Pay Side Mission is unlocked by talking to a Ops in part after completing the mission Walk in the park. Objective is to gather intel about Gene Carcani’s interest in Bobo Dake’s track. So the objective is to hack Bobo Dake’s phone in San Matero and reach Carcani. This side operation will bring 13000 followers.


After Selecting the mission use the Nudle Map to reach Palo Alto, a place near Silicon Valley. You will see a orange marker on the map.


Follow the marker to gather the audio clip from Bobo Dake. You can slowly use stealth move to crash the party without creating any alert. Hack the phone to get the sample and move from there.


The next location is to reach Carcani’s garage. Mark the location on the map. Hack the cTOS junction box to view inside the house. Hack Carcani’s phone and systems in his rooms. At the end you will be rewarded 42000 followers and 4 reward points. Check the map for next mission. Checkout our our Watch Dog 2 Wiki Guide for full walkthrough, side missions, tips and tricks and many updates on the game.