How To Activate Heroic Public Events – Witches’ Ritual

Destiny 2

The Witches’ Ritual is a Public Event that takes place on Titan. During this Public Event you must interrupt a Hive ritual. In the normal version you stand on two plates to remove the shields from two Hive Wizards, then kill them. A flood of Hive enemies will come through the portal that opens, followed by a third, quite powerful, Hive Wizard. Out of all the Public Events it is one of the tougher ones, due to the flood of enemies and the amount of damage the third Wizard can do.

Making this ritual into the Heroic version is, thankfully, pretty straight forward. After both the initial Hive Wizards are dead you need to stay on the plates. Two crystals will spawn in at the top of the portal, on the left and right sides. Shoot the crystals until they break and you will have activated the Witches’ Ritual Heroic event.

How To Activate Heroic Public Events - Witches' Ritual
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Once you break the crystals expect a flood of Thrall and other hive enemies followed by the Abyssal Champion. This guy is quite tough to kill, especially solo. He can perform a powerful area attack when he slams his massive axe into the ground. This can easily kill you if you have taken some damage already. He will also teleport away and back again from time to time, so don’t be alarmed if you can’t see him all of a sudden. Be careful when he comes back though, he has a habit of appearing right behind unsuspecting Guardians.

A little tip here, don’t be afraid to use your Power weapons. All those exploding Thrall will drop a huge amount of Power ammo. A group of Guardians can also finish him off easily, due to all the Light you can create by killing the Hive with your Supers. Once the Abyssal Champion is dead, you have successfully finished the Witches’ Ritual Heroic event and are free to collect your loot.

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